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  • Difficult tasks are often very simply stated. This committee was asked by Congress to “conduct a study to assess gender differences in the careers of science, engineering, and mathematics (SEM) faculty, focusing on four-year institutions of higher education that award bachelor’s and graduate degrees. The study will build on the National Academies’ previous work and examine issues such as faculty hiring, promotion, tenure, and allocation of institutional resources including (but not limited to) laboratory space.

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  • In June 2006, seventeen scientists and educators selected by the National Academies, the Academy of Sciences of Iran, and the Académie des Sciences of France held a workshop at the estate of the Fondation des Treilles in Toutour, France, to discuss issues concerning the role of science in the development of modern societies. This location was an idyllic setting for relaxed conversations, while simplifying travel and visa arrangements for the participants.

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  • Muterials science emerged in USA, some time in thc carly 1950s. That phrase denoted a new scientific concept, born out of metallurgy, and this book is devoted to the emergence, development and consequences of that concept, in the US and elsewhere. Just who first coined the phrase is not known, but it is clear that by 1956 a number of senior research scientists had acquired the habit of using it.

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  • What Is Science, Inquiry Skills, Scientific Method,... To help you answer the questions above, you are invited to consult the text book "Science contents". Invite you to consult the text book for more documents serving the academic needs and research.

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  • Earth’s ecosystems, earth’s land and water, heat energy, energy in the earth system, plate tectonics and earth’s structure, shaping earth’s surface, earth’s resources,... is the main content of the book "Reading and writing in science". Invite you to consult the text book for more documents serving the academic needs and research.

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  • Food and nutrition, food industry, genetically modified food, food poisoning, human diet,... is the main content of the book "English for nutrition and food sciences". Invite you to consult the text book for more documents serving the academic needs and research.

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  • Nowadays, with the growing importance of the credit-based learning in current educational environment, strong academic advising system is an essential ingredient of learner success, supporting personalized advices aimed at effective and efficient learning. In that context, within the scope of this paper, an intelligent academic advising system approach is introduced focusing on integrating technology-enhanced learning methodologies into a pedagogy-driven and service-oriented architecture based on semantic technology. ...

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  • When I started graduate school at Syracuse University in the late sixties, the chair of my department informed me that I would not be eligible for fellowships, because I was a woman. Pulling out a page of statistics, he pointed to the data indicating that women didn’t finish PhD programs, and if they did, they interrupted their academic careers for marriage and children and therefore didn’t go back to catch up with their peers. They were, he concluded, “a bad investment” for the department and the university....

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  • The Chemical Sciences Roundtable (CSR) was established in 1997 by the National Research Council. It provides a science-oriented apolitical forum for leaders in the chemical sciences to discuss chemistry-related issues affecting government, industry, and universi- ties. Organized by the National Research Council’s Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology, the CSR aims to strengthen the chemical sciences by fostering communication among the people and organizations—spanning industry, government, universities, and professional associations—involved with the chemical enterprise.

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  • Change is the watchword of our times. The pace of graduate studies has acceler- ated, as less time is available for pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees. At the same time, schooling is as demanding as ever, in the form of formal coursework in scientific theory and practice.We hope that this textbook will make academic life easier for graduate students.

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  • The last few decades have been heady times for science and health. Our knowledge of how to improve health has grown significantly and new technologies have successfully supported those endeavors. The coming decades are likely to bring even more progress. As we gain a better understanding on how to use the discoveries of genetics, proteomics, and other biologies, we will have the potential to fundamentally alter care in ways that we can only begin to imagine.

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  • Research objectives: Clarify the scientific basis of the management of assessing academic outcomes of social sciences and humanities of students, to ensure that the assessment activities are conducted scientifically, tightly, reliably, contributing to improving the quality of teaching, quality and efficiency of education and training at military universities today.

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  • It is a pleasure to announce the establishment of the Foundation Series in Business Marketing. This book series fills a critical void in business-to-business marketing knowledge especially when no resources currently available address the needs of business marketing practitioners and academics looking for breadth and depth of coverage on various issues of research, practice, and education. Books published in this series will foster our understanding of business marketing phenomena and managerial practice around the globe.

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  • Over the course of a few short years, electronic business has advanced from a buzzword to a thriving new channel for the delivery of goods and services and the mediation of financial transactions, shaping the destiny of numerous contemporary enterprises and significantly affecting entire economies worldwide.

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  • J. Edward Ketz is MBA Faculty Director and Associate Professor of Accounting at the Penn State Smeal College of Business. He has been a member of the Penn State faculty since 1981. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science, a master’s degree in accountancy, and a Ph.D. in business administration, all from Virginia Tech. The teaching and research interests of Dr. Ketz focus on financial accounting, accounting information systems, and accounting ethics. He has published numerous academic and professional articles, and he has written seven books.

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  • Recent advances in data collection and data storage techniques enable marketing researchers to study the characteristics of a large range of transactions and purchases, in particular the effects of household-specific characteristics and marketing-mix variables. This book presents the most important and practically relevant quantitative models for marketing research. Each model is presented in detail with a self-contained discussion, which includes: a demonstration of the mechanics of the model, empirical analysis, real-world examples, and interpretation of results and findings.

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  • In banking, especially in risk management, portfolio management, and structured finance, solid quantitative know-how becomes more and more important. We had a two-fold intention when writing this book: First, this book is designed to help mathematicians and physicists leaving the academic world and starting a profession as risk or portfolio managers to get quick access to the world of credit risk management. Second, our book is aimed at being helpful to risk managers looking for a more quantitative approach to credit risk....

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  • The field of macroeconomic theory has evolved rapidly over the last quarter century. A quick glance at the discipline’s leading journals reveals that virtually the entire academic profession has turned to interpreting macroeconomic data with models that are based on microeconomic foundations. Unfortunately, these models often require a relatively high degree of mathematical sophistication, leaving them largely inaccessible to the interested lay person (students, newspaper columnists, business economists, and policy makers).

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  • FOR many years the following question has been a source of continuing controversy in both academic and business circles: To what extent can the past history of a common stock's price be used to make meaningful predictions concerning the future price of the stock? Answers to this question have been provided on the one hand by the various chartist theories and on the other hand by the theory of random walks

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  • In November 2000, I was invited by the University of Leuven to give the Gaston Eyskens Lectures. The main topic of my research at the time provided the title: “Why are there so many banking crises?” These lectures were based on the content of ten articles: four had already been published in academic journals and the other six were still work in progresS

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