Accelerated death

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  • THUẬT NGỮ BẢO HIỂM Thuật ngữ từ A đến B Key Term Absolute assignment Accelerated death benefit rider Thuật ngữ Chuyển nhượng hoàn toàn Điều khoản riêng về trả trước quyền lợi bảo hiểm Điều khoản riêng về chết và thương tật toàn bộ vĩnh viễn do tai nạn Quyền lợi bảo hiểm bổ sung khi người bảo hiểm chết do tai nạn Giá trị tích luỹ Lựa chọn tích luỹ lãi chia Accidental death and dismemberment rider Accidental death benefit Accumulated value Accumulation at interest dividend option A...

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  • The goals of chemotherapy (and radiotherapy) are to eliminate tumor cell targets by promoting cell death. In recent years, a major focus has been placed on programmed cell death or apoptosis as the primary mechanism of cell killing. However, tumor cells may respond to various forms of treatment in diverse ways, only some of which culminate in cell death and loss of clonogenic survival. In addition to apoptosis, cell death may occur through mitotic catastrophe, autophagy (a subtype of apoptosis), or anoikis.

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  • Some companies let you use your life insurance death benefit to pay for specific conditions such as terminal illness or for qualified long-term care expenses such as home health care, assisted living or nursing home care. A life insurance death benefit you use while you are alive is known as an accelerated death benefit. A life insurance policy that uses an accelerated death benefit to pay for long-term care expenses may also be known as a “life/long-term care” policy. It may be an individual or a group life insurance policy.

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  • Faster incorporation of new technologies into complex products and systems holds the possibility of ever-increasing advantages in cost, performance, durability, and new functionalities. A general perception on the part of many investigators is that incorporation of change is more difficult, expensive, and slow than it need be. The management of change in complex products and systems, however, does require an understanding of the significance of those changes as well as their consequences in terms of product performance and safety.

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  • The main focus of this book is the presentation of the “inertial” view of population growth. This view provides a rather simple model for complex population dynamics, and is achieved at the level of the single species, without invoking species interactions. An important part of our account is the maternal effect. Investment of mothers in the quality of their daughters makes the rate of reproduction of the current generation depend not only on the current environment but also on the environment experienced by the preceding generation....

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  • Ideally, civil registration systems with good attribution of cause of death provide accurate data on the level of maternal mortality and the causes of maternal deaths. In countries with incomplete civil registration systems, it is difficult to measure accurately the levels of maternal mortality. First, it is challenging to identify maternal deaths precisely, as the deaths of women of reproductive age might not be recorded at all.

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  • The need for the distribution of Ascorbic acid (V.T.C) in such camps cannot be overemphasized as this help in accelerating healing and boosting the immure system of campers. The prevalence rate of measles (12%) can be considered high especially in view of its contagion nature that could be favored by crowding, low level of herd immunity, malnutrition and inadequate medical care. Occasional outbreaks of meat have been inked to the lack of immunization in children or the failure of single dose of vaccine in many children.

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  • The United Nations Millennium Declaration, signed by 189 heads of state in 2000, committed world leaders to achieving Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 5, improving maternal health (with targets of reducing the maternal mortality ratio—the number of maternal deaths per 100,000 live births—by three-quarters before 2015, and achieving universal access to reproductive health). Although more than half of countries are reducing maternal mortality at an accelerated pace, few are on track to achieve the goal by 2015.

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  • The 2010 RDHS provides data to monitor the population and health situation in Rwanda. Specifically, the 2010 RDHS collected information on a broad range of demographic, health, and social issues such as household characteristics, maternal and child health, breastfeeding practices, early childhood mortality, maternal mortality, nutritional status of women and young children, fertility levels, marriage, fertility preferences, awareness and use of family planning methods, sexual activity, and awareness and behavior regarding AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.

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