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  • The first panel of our program will focus on the next generation of scientists, “Science for All Students.” We have three panelists participating in this discussion: Drs. Leon Lederman, Richard Tapia, and Marcia Linn. Dr. Lederman is an internationally renowned high-energy physicist, the Director Emeritus of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois. He holds an appointment as the Pritzker Professor of Science at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. Dr.

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  • Consequently, as the scope and design of the WTC have evolved, particularly in response to the  national  symbolic objectives and  security  concerns  that have permeated  the development,  the  required costs of rebuilding have correspondingly expanded.  The objective of completing  the  Memorial by  the  ten‐year anniversary of September 11 became a public mandate  to reflect  the  profound national symbolism of the WTC’s timely resurrection.

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  • This book evolved from the first term of a two-term course on the physics of charged particle acceleration that I taught at the University of New Mexico and at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The first term covered conventional accelerators in the single particle limit. The second term covered collective effects in charged particle beams, including high current transport and instabilities. The material was selected to make the course accessible to graduate students in physics and electrical engineering with no previous background in accelerator theory.

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  • The Committee on High Energy Density Plasma Physics was established in April 2001 by the National Research Council’s (NRC’s) Board on Physics and Astronomy to identify scientific opportunities and develop a unifying theme for research on matter under extreme high energy density conditions.

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  • The bremsstrahlung beam with energy end point of 65M eV created when the e− beam with energy of 65M eV irradiated to thin wolfram target was used to irradiate to TiO2 sample in order to make the 46 Ti (γ, pn)44m,g Sc reaction. The gamma spectrum of Sc44m,g was analyzed by the gammavision spectrometry with HPGe detector at linear accelerator laboratory in POSTECH, Korea.

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  • Since many people still know so little about car-sharing, their deciding to become a member of a car-sharing organization may involve a decision process taking a year or more. For this reason, providers and other advocates of car-sharing need to be very persistent in their marketing efforts. It has been observed in continental parts of Europe that the numbers of members in an open car-sharing organization tend to accelerate as the organization becomes increasingly well established and recognized as reliable. ...

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  • The foundation for these medium- and long-term initiatives consists of: fostering innovation through promoting entrepreneurship, investing in smart infrastructure, encouraging R&D, green investment, upgrading the skills of workers, steering market actors towards innovation-related investments, and accelerating activities for which barriers may have been too high otherwise.

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  • The World Bank’s mission is to alleviate poverty and support sustainable development. Climate change is a serious environmental challenge that could undermine these goals. Since the Industrial Revolution, the mean surface temperature of Earth has increased an average 2° Celsius due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Most of this change has occurred in the past 30 to 40 years, and the rate of increase is accelerating. These rising temperatures will have significant impacts at a global scale and at local and regional levels.

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  • This report originated in 1999 as a result of discussions between the Committee on Solar and Space Physics (CSSP) and officials within NASA’s Office of Space Science Sun- Earth Connections program. As noted in the statement of task (Appendix A), the objective of the study was to provide a scientific assessment and strategy for the study of magnetized plasmas in the solar system. By emphasizing the connections between locally occurring (solar system) structures and processes and their astrophysical counterparts, the study would contribute to a unified view of cosmic plasma behavior.

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  • Measurement of Serum Bilirubin The terms direct- and indirect-reacting bilirubin are based on the original van den Bergh reaction. This assay, or a variation of it, is still used in most clinical chemistry laboratories to determine the serum bilirubin level. In this assay, bilirubin is exposed to diazotized sulfanilic acid, splitting into two relatively stable dipyrrylmethene azopigments that absorb maximally at 540 nm, allowing for photometric analysis. The direct fraction is that which reacts with diazotized sulfanilic acid in the absence of an accelerator substance such as alcohol.

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  • People actually report that the symptoms they feel when first exposed to ozone seem to go away, even though their exposure continues. Following ozone injury, if the lung is not exposed to ozone for approximately five to seven days, it can for the most part repair itself provided the injury is not too extensive. However, long-term studies with laboratory animals have shown that there may be residual and in some cases permanent damage. This damage might be thought of as accelerated aging of the lung. Thus, frequent exposures to ozone can cause transient damage. The...

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  • Microfabricated accelerometer sensors have been developed to measure acceleration in a variety of applications, including automobile airbag crash sensors and seismic activity monitors. For this thesis a three-dimensional accelerometer sensor has been created for measuring involuntary human hand motion. The sensor uses three single-axis accelerometers fabricated at the MIT Microsystems Technology Laboratory.

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