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  • What Is Accent? Accent is a combination of three main components: intonation (speech music), liaisons (word connections), and pronunciation (the spoken sounds of vowels, consonants, and combinations). As you go along, you'll notice that you're being asked to look at accent in a different way. You'll also realize that the grammar you studied before and this accent you're studying now are completely different. Part of the difference is that grammar and vocabulary are systematic and structured— the letter of the language.

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  • "Speak More Clearly” is designed for both people who speak English as a second language and wish to speak English more clearly, and for native English speakers who wish to learn a different English accent. You can think of it as an accent coach to help learn a new accent for a language you already know.

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  • Welcome to American Accent Training. This book set is designed to get you started on your American accent. We'll follow the book and go through the 13 lessons and all the exercises step by step. Everything is explained and a complete Answer Key may be found in the back of the text.

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  • Near-perfect automatic accent assignment is attainable f o r citation-style speech, but better computational models are needed to predict accent in extended, spontaneous discourses. This paper presents an empirically motivated theory o f the discourse focusing nature o f accent in spontaneous speech. Hypotheses based on this theory lead to a new approach to accent prediction, in which patterns of deviation from citation form accentuation, defined at the constituent or noun phrase level, are atttomatically learned from an annotated corpus. ...

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  • This paper presents the results of a series of experiments which examine the impact of two information status categories (given and new) and frequency of occurrence on pitch accent realisations. More specifically the experiments explore within-type similarity of pitch accent productions and the effect information status and frequency of occurrence have on these productions. The results indicate a significant influence of both pitch accent type and information status category on the degree of withintype variability, in line with exemplartheoretic expectations. ...

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  • In this paper, we adopt an n-best rescoring scheme using pitch-accent patterns to improve automatic speech recognition (ASR) performance. The pitch-accent model is decoupled from the main ASR system, thus allowing us to develop it independently. N-best hypotheses from recognizers are rescored by additional scores that measure the correlation of the pitch-accent patterns between the acoustic signal and lexical cues.

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  • The detection of prosodic characteristics is an important aspect of both speech synthesis and speech recognition. Correct placement of pitch accents aids in more natural sounding speech, while automatic detection of accents can contribute to better wordlevel recognition and better textual understanding. In this paper we investigate probabilistic, contextual, and phonological factors that influence pitch accent placement in natural, conversational speech in a sequence labeling setting.

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  • This paper describes a novel approach to generate potential foreign-accented phonetic transcriptions using phonological rewrite rules. For each pair of a native language (Li) and a target language (L2), a set of postlexical rules is designed to transform canonical phonetic dictionaries of L2 into adapted dictionaries for native Li speakers. Some general considerations on the design of such a rule-based system are presented.

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  • Being able to predict the placement of contrastive accent is essential for the assignment of correct accentuation patterns in spoken language generation. I discuss two approaches to the generation of contrastive accent and propose an alternative method that is feasible and computationally attractive in data-to-speech systems.

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  • Acquisition of prosody, in addition to vocabulary and grammar, is essential for language learners. However, it has received less attention in instruction. To enable automatic identification and feedback on learners’ prosodic errors, we investigate automatic pitch accent labeling for nonnative speech. We demonstrate that an acoustic-based context model can achieve accuracies over 79% on binary pitch accent recognition when trained on withingroup data.

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  • We train a decision tree inducer (CART) and a memory-based classifier (MBL) on predicting prosodic pitch accents and breaks in Dutch text, on the basis of shallow, easy-to-compute features. We train the algorithms on both tasks individually and on the two tasks simultaneously. The parameters of both algorithms and the selection of features are optimized per task with iterative deepening, an efficient wrapper procedure that uses progressive sampling of training data.

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  • By strictest interpretation, theories of both centering and intonational meaning fail to predict the existence of pitch accented pronominals. Yet they occur felicitously in spoken discourse. To explain this, I emphasize the dual functions served by pitch accents, as markers of both propositional (semantic/pragmatic) and attentional salience.

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  • In this paper we discuss an algorithm for the assignment of pitch accent positions in text-to-speech conversion. The algorithm is closely modeled on current linoulstic accounts of accent placement, and assumes a surface syntactic analysis of the input. It comprises a small number of heuristic rules for determining which phrases of a sentence are to be focussed upon; the exact location of a pitch accent within a focussed phrase is determined m~inly on the basis of the syntactic relations holding b e t w e e n the e l e m e n t s of the phrase....

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  • Can a person actually learn a new accent? Many people feel that after a certain age, it's just notpossible. Can classical musicians play jazz? If they practice, of course they can! For your American accent, it's just a matter of learning and practicing techniques this book and CD set will teach you.

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  • All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writting from the publisher.Accent is a combination of three main components: intonation (speech music), liaisons (word connections), and pronunciation (the spoken sounds of vowels, consonants, and combinations). As you go along, you'll notice that...

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  • This book is dedicated to my accent reduction students who came to the United States from all parts of the globe. Their drive to excel, passion for learning, amazing work ethic, and belief in the American dream have inspired me to write this book. In the words of Henry David Thoreau, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” Thanks to all of the supportive and extremely professional people at Barron’s: Dimitry Popow, my editor; Wayne Barr for seeking me out to write this book; and Veronica Douglas for her support. I am enormously...

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  • Sử dụng các vật liệu đa dạng: Đá, gỗ, gạch… là các loại vật liệu được ưa chuộng và sử dụng rộng rãi hiện nay. Đặc điểm của loại vật liệu này là khi bạn sử dụng chúng với diện tích lớn, không gian nhà bạn sẽ mang nét thô sơ, gần gũi với tự nhiên, tạo cảm giác thoải mái mà không quá trịnh trọng. Ngược lại, khi bạn sử dụng loại vật liệu này trên nền diện tích nhỏ, không gian mang dáng dấp lịch sự, trang trọng.

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  • Disclaimers: Before I begin, I must warn you that I'm about the least competent person to speak on this subject, because by now there's not a single. language I speak without an accent... including the ones I have spoken. since childhood. But in periods when I tried really hard, I've pretty much. managed to lose my accent in a few of them intermittently off and on...until I got lazy and the whole thing became mush.Be further warned that this little treatise won't help you a

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  • Ebook Pronunciation Practice 1: Part 2 continues to introduce to you the pronunciation, spelling, accents of words such as so-zoo, hand, pen-bad, tea-did, cat-get, leg-ring. You are invited and welcome to read to capture more detailed content.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'american accent training grammar_2', ngoại ngữ, ngữ pháp tiếng anh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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