Accident reporting

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  • CarSim is an automatic text-to-scene conversion system. It analyzes written descriptions of car accidents and synthesizes 3D scenes of them. The conversion process consists of two stages. An information extraction module creates a tabular description of the accident and a visual simulator generates and animates the scene. We implemented a first version of CarSim that considered a corpus of texts in French. We redesigned its linguistic modules and its interface and we applied it to texts in English from the National Transportation Safety Board in the United States. ...

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  • In  the aftermath of September 11,  the Port Authority’s mission was  in  large part  redirected  to  the  rebuilding  efforts  around  the WTC  site.   The  organizational  toll  on  the  Port  Authority  during the last decade cannot be underestimated.

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  • This report has three chapters: Chapter 1 Existing conditions and characteristics of traffic accidents, Chapter 2 Identified problems and issues towards improvement of traffic safety and enforcement, Chapter 3 Recommendations and appendixs.

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  • Because of its large size, it is important to account for the net position in interest-rate derivatives when measuring exposure. The key difficulty in measuring the exposure in interest-rate derivatives is that banks do not report the sign of their position — whether they represent bets on interest rate increases (e.g., pay-fixed swaps) or decreases (e.g., pay-floating swaps.

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  • This work is concerned with such matters as: (1) the review and analysis of proposals submitted by industry groups; (2) attending public hearings and meetings with the public and industry groups; (3) conducting referenda; (4) establishing machinery for operation of agreements and orders; (5) preparing reports recommending administrative and regulatory action, and appropriate documents to achieve such action; (6) giving market administrators advice and assistance regarding the interpretation of orders and agreements, and administrative and procedural matters; (7) interpret...

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  • I am deeply grateful to all the Commissioners for their dedication, their foresight and personal commitment to our common endeavour. It has been a truly wonderful team. The spirit of friendship and open communication, the meeting of minds and the process of learning and sharing, have provided an experience of optimism, something of great value to all of us, and, I believe, to the report and its message. We hope to share with others our learning process, and all that we have experienced together.

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  • The Global Findex data show sharp disparities in the use of financial services between high-income and developing economies and across individual character- istics. The share of adults in high-income economies with an account at a formal financial institution is more than twice that in developing economies. And around the world, men and more educated, wealthier, and older adults make greater use of formal financial services. Novel cross-country data on self-reported reasons for not having a formal ac- count make it possible to identify barriers to financial inclusion.

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  • Climate change is increasingly recognized as one of the most critical challenges ever to face humankind. With the release of the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the international scientific community has significantly advanced public understanding of climate change and its impacts.

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  • The Security and Information Technology Services unit assesses the IRS’s information technology (IT) programs by implementing audit strategies that evaluate: (1) Cybersecurity, including reviews of the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA), 1 audit trails, privacy, security monitoring and reporting, and incident management; (2) Systems Modernization and Application Development, including reviews of the Modernization Program, computer applications supporting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Affordable Care Act), and other high priority projects...

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  • The booklet describes the safe method of using level crossings, including the need to obey the instructions on the signs and the requirement to always to close the gates after crossing. It also sets out the hazards associated with various types of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists using the level crossing and the local conditions such as adverse weather or overgrown vegetation which might affect the safety of the user. Illustrated below are some of the extracts from the booklet, which are relevant to this accident. ...

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  • The 2001 White Paper "European Transport Policy for 2010: Time to Decide" sets out the ambitious target of reducing  the number of road fatalities with 50 percent by 2010. This requires a rapid increase in the efforts of all safety  stakeholders. To support these actions, the European Commission officially launched the eSafety initiative in April  2002.

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  • User benefits are derived from valuing traveler impact measurements such as changes in person hours traveled or vehicle hours traveled (VHT), person miles traveled or vehicle miles traveled (VMT), and safety and reliability improvements. Unit costs are then applied to these metrics to derive the direct user benefits. (Examples of unit costs are the vehicle operation expenditures per mile or hour, the value of time per hour, and the costs of accidents per incident, by type.

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  • A timetable or appointment diary is another application included in e-Mintza; in a very simple way a multimedia timetable or appointment diary can be generated for the user. This is particularly useful for people who have difficulties with temporal sequencing or imagination but have good visual skills.

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  • A healthy 45-year-old man is found on routine screening to have hypertriglyceridemia. He is a nonsmoker, has a reasonable diet, consumes one alcoholic drink per week, and exercises regularly. He takes no medications. His father died at the age of 55 years in an automobile accident; his mother is healthy at 67 years of age, and he has two healthy older brothers. His blood pressure is normal, his body-mass index (the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters) is 28, and his waist circumference is 96 cm.

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  • To our Fellows, Friends and Supporters: NYAM is pleased to present our 2010 Annual Report to share our accomplishments in policy, research, community engagement and education in 2010. For more than 160 years, NYAM has been a vital source for effective and innovative thought and action regarding health problems that affect New York City, in particular, and cities in general.

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  • Carsim is a program that automatically converts narratives into 3D scenes. Carsim considers authentic texts describing road accidents, generally collected from web sites of Swedish newspapers or transcribed from hand-written accounts by victims of accidents. One of the program’s key features is that it animates the generated scene to visualize events. To create a consistent animation, Carsim extracts the participants mentioned in a text and identifies what they do.

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  • Chuẩn đoán dựa trên xquang, CT scan và ho c siêu âm. Chúng tôi báo cáo m t trư ng h p v cơ hoành ph i sau ch n thương, ư c siêu âm phát hi n sau 27 ngày nh p vi n. Case report Rupture diaphragma, maybe spontaneous or after thorax or thoracoabdominal traumatisms, often cause motor vehicle accident. To diagnose relying on X ray, CT scan and or ultrasound. We present case report right rupture diaphragma after trauma, detected after 27 days admitted to hospital. I. M U Ch n thương b ng kín ho c ch...

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  • Word formation 1. He cycled…..and had an accident (care) 2. He was very …. of the work he had done (pride) 3. He is interested in the…. of old buildings (preserve) 4. All the newspapers praised the….of the firemen (brave) 5. An….pilot in the USA reported that he saw nine large round objects (experience) 6. Gas and oil….always increases in cold weather (consume) 7. We find advertising on the television very…..(effect) 8. The most….earthquake in Japanese history occured in 1923 (disaster) 9. For many employees, jod….is more important than making money (satisfy) 10.

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  • 143 Relative clauses: participle and to-infinitive A Relative clauses with a participle Read this news report about an accident. Several people were injured this morning when a lorry carrying concrete pipes overturned in the centre of town and hit two cars. Ambulances called to the scene took a long time to get through the rush hour traffic. The accident happened in Alfred Road, where road repairs are under way. People who saw the accident say that the lorry hit the cars after it swerved to avoid a pile of stones left in the road. The traffic chaos caused by the accident has...

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  • Today there is not a single aspect of the world that can escape the scrutiny of environmental analysis, and business activities stand at the crux of many issues. Some of the issues that today’s executives need to understand to be environmentally literate include: air, water, and land pollution; the production and disposal of hazardous wastes; solid waste disposal; chemical and nuclear spills and accidents; global warming and the greenhouse effect; ozone depletion; deforestation and desertification; biodiversity, and overpopulation.

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