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  • Through many last assignments, we had many big chances to be acquainted with doing in-group, working with many various topics, which required an ability of working, of researching, etc... With this HD2 project, we also get more chances to work in-group, but in this topic, we get a new way to do this assignment. It brings us a chance to communicate with foreigners, to interview and from that; we can learn something different from last assignments.

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  • For years, television broadcasters have relied on coax cable to route video and audio control signals and RF around their facilities. Coax has proven itself to be easy to work with and reliable. However, as the television broadcast business evolves from a single analog channel to a digital world, the industry is re-evaluating the role of coax. In its place, fiber-optic cable is emerging as a logical solution for next-generation television signal routing, where greater bandwidth is needed to accommodate HD signals and multicast SD channels....

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  • Roughly 80% of WSBI member savings banks in Africa are somehow involved in the remittances often as agents of money transfer operators (MTOs). And for a while, they partnered up exclusively with dominant MTOs (Western Union, Money Gram). Today, savings banks have developed business coop- eration with new and promising MTOs (Money Express, Choice Money Transfer, Eurogiro, etc.

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  • The amount of fiber used in today’s central office facilities challenges service providers with fiber management issues. In many cases, raceways were installed to accommodate the immediate needs without a plan for future growth. These undersized raceways are now unable to adequately support the enormous amounts of fiber required for today’s telecom network systems.

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  • As school administrators, facility planners, architects and designers make decisions about furniture for an expansion, renovation or new construction, one word summarizes a guiding principle in helping ensure that the project supports academic achievement for every student: Flexibility. Budget challenges, varying class sizes, teacher shortages, student performance assessments, and technology-driven instruction methods represent several of the many issues facing educational facility managers.

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  • Resolution can be as high as 400 X 800 dpi, with gray scales ranging from 16-128 values. These are medium- to high-throughput devices, producing complex images in about a minute. On-board computing facilities, such as RISC processors and fast hard disk storage mechanisms, contribute to rapid drawing and processing speeds. Expansion slots accommodate interface cards for LANs or parallel ports. InkJet Plotter. InkJet plotters and printers fire tiny ink droplets at paper or a similar medium from minute nozzles in the printing head. H...

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  • Businesses that provide goods or services to the public are called “public accommodations” in the ADA. The ADA establishes requirements for 12 categories of public accommodations, which include stores, restaurants, bars, service establishments, theaters, hotels, recreational facilities, private museums and schools, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, shopping malls, and other businesses. Nearly all types of businesses that serve the public are included in the 12 categories, regardless of the size of the business or the age of their buildings.

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  • People with disabilities continue to face architectural barriers that limit or make it impossible to access the goods or services offered by businesses. Examples include a parking space with no access aisle to allow deployment of a van’s wheelchair lift, steps at a facility’s entrance or within its serving or selling space, aisles too narrow to accommodate mobility devices, counters that are too high, or restrooms that are simply too small to use with a mobility device.

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  • The revised ADA rules and the 2010 Standards contain new requirements for elements in existing facilities that were not addressed in the original 1991 Standards. These include recreation facilities such as swimming pools, play areas, exercise machines, miniature golf facilities, and bowling alleys. Because these elements were not included in the 1991 Standards, they are not subject to the safe harbor.

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  • In addition, developers may earn credits by installing nonpoint pollution controls themselves. The developers may then offer these credits to a sewage treatment authority. By doing so, the authority can avoid costly new facility improvements that would otherwise be needed to accommodate new development and whose cost would ultimately be passed on to the developer and its customers.’ The treatment authorities are responsible for ensuring that the nonpoint source...

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  • Perched at one mile above sea level, The Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado has been faced with the need to grow beyond what its current location can accommodate. The result is a new state-of-theart facility due to open in October 2007 that features a bright, warm atmosphere among more than 6 million feet of network cabling, 100 percent wireless capability, an integrated paging system, and sophisticated technology deliverable at the bedside – all of which started with a strategy and thought process that focused on convergence and delivering the best technology possible....

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  • The Villa Group is one of Mexico’s leading privately owned hotel, resort and real estate development companies. Since 1984, we have offered our guests—couples and families—the very best in all-suites accommodations, high-end facilities and services to please every taste.

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  • Other participants from key agencies were instrumental in setting up some of the practical aspects of the workshop. This included the strategic placement of posters, display of juvenile fish in aquaria, organisation of vehicles and accommodation and the preparation of ingredients and feed making facilities at HAQDEC. As far as possible, hand-outs and other workshop materials were prepared and shipped in advance from NSW DPI Port Fisheries Centre (PSFC). NSW DPI also provided two computers and an electronic projector for use at the workshop.

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