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  • Teachers and educational leaders are extraordinarily busy, inundated with demands for more work and better results with fewer resources—and less time. You will decide within the next few paragraphs whether this book is worth your time. Let me come straight to the point. Accountability for Learning equips teachers and leaders with the ability to transform educational accountability policies from destructive and demoralizing accounting drills into meaningful and constructive decision making in the classroom, school, and district.

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  • A corporation can be viewed as a nexus of contracts designed to minimize contracting costs (Coase 1937). Parties contracting with the firm desire information both about the firm’s ability to satisfy the terms of contracts and the firm’s ultimate compliance with its contractual obligations. Financial accounting information supplies a key quantitative representation of individual corporations that supports a wide range of contractual relationships.

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  • This report, based on both historical data and on a survey of new 1988-1989 hires in Indiana, examines the sources of teacher supply and the paths into teaching taken by newly hired teachers, and the ways these paths have changed over time. Surprisingly, experienced teachers today account for a larger proportion of new hires than inexperienced teachers; experienced teachers have grown as a proport......

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  • I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had is television, screen and stage star Tony Danza’s absorbing account of a year spent teaching tenth-grade English at Northeast High -- Philadelphia’s largest high school with...

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  • Troy Waugh, CPA, MBA, is a leading author, speaker, teacher, and consultant to the accounting industry. Troy helps public accounting firms grow. He and his experienced team of consultants have helped firms add more than $500 million in new business through their consulting, training, and alliance services.

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  • Traditional structural accounts have dealt with grammar at the sub sentential and sentential levels. For example, at the sub sentential level, the level below that of the sentence, verb tenses have been described through the use of verb tense morphology. In the case of English, verb tense morphology consists of auxiliary verbs and certain suffixes or word endings such as -ing.

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  • Holliway and McCutchen (2004) stressed that the coordination of the author, text, and reader representations “builds on multiple sources of interpersonal, cognitive, and textual competencies” and may well account for most of the difficulties that children experience with revision. In an early study of expert versus novice differences in writers, Sommers (1980) documented that professional writers routinely and spontaneously revise their texts extensively and globally, making deep structural changes.

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  • This book, too, takes as its basic subject matter the morphology and syntax of English. However, whereas traditional structural accounts have often stopped at the level of the sentence, wherever possible we also include an analysis of how the morphology and syntax are deployed to effect certain discourse purposes at the suprasentential level. This level is particularly important in communication and is often overlooked.

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  • We also Önd evidence of a political economy story. We were motivated to pursue this story by the failure of a legislative bill in the Greek Parliament in 2010. The idea of the bill was to mandate tax audits for reported income below a minimum amount, targeted at eleven select occupations. The occupations line up almost perfectly with our results: doctors, dentists, veterinarians, lawyers, architects, engineers, topographer engineers, economists, Örm consultants and accountants.

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  • It makes sense that annuities would be widely used by workers as a way to replace the guaranteed lifetime income security that once was provided by pensions. But annuities are not as well understood, not as popular, and not as competitively priced, given the increased need for them, as one would hope. Life insurance is, in a sense, the opposite of an annuity. The purchaser of an annuity bets that he or she will live a long time. The purchaser of life insurance bets that he or she will die soon.

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  • Governments in developing countries need to spend more money on essential public services if they are to have a serious impact on poverty. Take the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of targets for halving extreme poverty, providing universal primary education, halting the spread of HIV and AIDS and much more by 2015. Ambitious, yes, but achievable. To meet many of the MDGs, governments will need to hire more public sector employees, from teachers and doctors to agricultural extension workers.

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  • It is important, therefore, to define grammar in a way that suits both purposes—that is, a way that accounts or both the structure of the target language and its communicative use. In order to do so, we will need to take into consideration how grammar operates at three levels: the sub sentential or morphological level, the sentential or syntactic level, and the suprasential or discourse level.

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  • Typically, vulnerabilities are exploited repeatedly by attackers to attack weaknesses that organizations have not patched or corrected. A report in a SANS Security Alert, dated May 2000, provides a discussion of this issue: “A small number of flaws in software programs are responsible for the vast majority of successful Internet attacks…. A few software vulnerabilities account for the majority of successful attacks because attackers don't like to do extra work. They exploit the best-known flaws with the most effective and widely available attack tools.

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  • The accounting information system is the information system par excellence, since it can be designed to obtain objective (Hopwood, 1972) and quantifiable information (Emmanuel et al., 1985) at all organisational levels. Out of all the accounting control systems, management control research has progressively focused on budgeting as the key system (Birnberg et al. 1983) and because it is the most regularly used for organisational management control (Caplan, 1971).

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  • Câu 1: a. Chọn một từ có phần gạch dưới có cách phát âm khác với những từ còn lại. 1. A. enough B. account C. ground D. outwit 2. A. phoned B. called C. cooked D. climbed 3. A. can B. cell C. call D. cold 4. A. enough B. courage C. encounter D. nourish 5. A. machine B. cheap C. teacher D. child b. Chọn phương án (A hoặc B, C, D) ứng với từ có trọng âm chính nhấn vào âm tiết có vị trí khác với ba từ còn lại trong mỗi câu. 6. A....

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  • Professional football players earn more than ministers or nurses. Social workers with college degrees generally earn less than truck drivers, who may not have completed high school. Professors of accounting typically earn more than professors of history with equivalent educational background and teaching experience. Even if your history professor is an outstanding teacher, capable of communicating effectively and concerned about students’ problems, she probably earns less than a mediocre teacher of accounting.

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  • Finally, teachers need to take account of the time lag between understanding grammar structures, and being able to produce them accurately. Some researchers claim that understanding is not only a necessary precondition for production, but that it often precedes production by a considerable length of time.

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  • As states and local school districts implement more rigorous assessment and accountability systems, teachers often face long lists of mathematics topics or learning expectations to address at each grade level, with many topics repeating from year to year. Lacking clear, consistent priorities and focus, teachers stretch to find the time to present important mathematical topics effectively and in depth.

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  • This account of human nutrition describes the basic facts in a clear and simple way without the use of complicated details or much specialist language. In the few places where more than this is necessary, elementary explanations are given. I believe that any averagely intelligent person will readily gain a good knowledge of human nutrition from this book, which will also be of value to students, teachers, nurses, doctors and health professionals.

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  • Strong elementary and secondary schools are the next building block of a strong foundation for future workforce success. At each level, effective principals and teachers are at the core of helping students to master new material and mature into creative, highly capable, responsible adults. Along with quality instruction, high standards, rigorous assessments, and strong accountability can also significantly improve academic performance. 46 The secondary school goals and curriculum must be aligned with the goals and curricula of post-high school institutions.

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