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  • To evaluate the immune activation and reactive oxygen species scavenging activity of Cordyceps militaris polysaccharides (CMP) in vivo, 90 male BALB/c mice were randomly divided into six groups. The mice in the three experimental groups were given cyclophosphamide at 80 mg/kg/d via intraperitoneal injection and 17.5, 35, or 70 mg/kg body weight CMP via gavage. The lymphocyte proliferation, phagocytic index, and biochemical parameters were measured.

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  • In the past several years, there have been many developments in the materials for lead–acid batteries. Silver in grid alloys for high temperature climates in SLI batteries has increased the silver content of the recycled lead stream. Concern about silver and other contaminants in lead for the active material for VRLA batteries led to the initiation of a study by ALABC at CSIRO. The study evaluated the effects of many different impurities on the hydrogen and oxygen evolution currents in float service for flooded and VRLA batteries at different temperatures and potentials. ...

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  • Active Directory is the directory service that comes with Windows 2000 Server and extends to be the directory service for other servers, such as Exchange Server 2000 and Mobile Information Server. Prior to the release of Windows 2000, many people speculated on how Active Directory could help them reduce costs or increase services to end-users.To some, Active Directory provided a competitive advantage stemming from its integration with Internet applications. But much of this speculation took place before Active Directory was available to the public.

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  • The synthesis and characterization of activated carbons (ACs) obtained from lignocellulosic precursors is a topic widely studied by a number of researchers worldwide. In the last decades, an increase has been observed in the number of publications related to the synthesis, modification, characterization and application of ACs obtained from lignocellulosic materials. Particularly, the applications of these carbons are primarily focused in the removal of several inorganic and organic pollutants from water and wastewaters....

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  • The thesis aims to identify how students interest in learning speaking. The thesis, in ddition, aims to find out the effect of using role-play in speaking classes. Also, it is intended to find out difficulties from using role-play activities so that the researcher can suggest some solutions to these difficulties.

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  • During the years surrounding the new millennium, the field of vibrational optical activity (VOA), comprised principally of vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) and vibrational Raman optical activity (ROA), underwent a transition from a specialized area of research that had been practiced by a handful of pioneers into an important newfield of spectroscopy practiced by an increasing number of scientists worldwide. This transition was made possible by the development of commercial instrumentation and software for the routine measurement and quantum chemical calculation ofVOA.

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  • Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), the leading national construction trade association representing both the public and private sectors, for each dollar spent on new construction, a total of $11 in economic activity is generated across all industries and other services. Since December 2003, the cumulative increase in the prices of inputs used in construction (45%) has been more than double the increase in the consumer price index (19%), as shown in Figure 1.1.

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  • a-defensins are released from granules of leukocytes and are implicated in inflammatory and fibrotic lung diseases. In the present study, the effects of a-defensins on the proliferation and collagen synthesis of lung fibroblasts were examined. We found thata-defensin-1 and a-defensin-2 induced dose-dependent increases in the incorporation of 5-bromo-2¢-deoxy-uridine into newly synthesized DNA in two lines of human lung fibroblasts (HFL-1 and LL-86)

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  • We explore how to improve machine translation systems by adding more translation data in situations where we already have substantial resources. The main challenge is how to buck the trend of diminishing returns that is commonly encountered. We present an active learning-style data solicitation algorithm to meet this challenge. We test it, gathering annotations via Amazon Mechanical Turk, and find that we get an order of magnitude increase in performance rates of improvement.

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  • Translation needs have greatly increased during the last years. In many situations, text to be translated constitutes an unbounded stream of data that grows continually with time. An effective approach to translate text documents is to follow an interactive-predictive paradigm in which both the system is guided by the user and the user is assisted by the system to generate error-free translations. Unfortunately, when processing such unbounded data streams even this approach requires an overwhelming amount of manpower. ...

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  • Human chymotrypsin C (CTRC) plays a protective role in the pancreas by mitigating premature trypsinogen activation through degradation. Mutations that abolish activity or secretion of CTRC increase the risk for chronic pancreatitis.

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  • The eArmyU continuing education program allows enlisted soldiers to earn college credits while on active duty. This study sought to determine how to make eArmyU available to more individuals while controlling program costs. Historically, the primary cost of eArmyU had been attributed to the laptop computer provided through the

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  • Tuberculosis (TB) continues to be a major cause of morbidity and mortal-ity worldwide. The increasing emergence and spread of drug-resistant TB poses a significant threat to disease control and calls for the urgent devel-opment of new drugs. The tryptophan biosynthetic pathway plays an important role in the survival of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

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  • Parvalbumin (PV), a small cytosolic protein belonging to the family of EF-hand calcium-binding proteins, is highly expressed in mammalian fast-twitch muscle fibers. By acting as a ‘slow-onset’ Ca 2+ buffer, PV does not affect the rapid contraction phase, but significantly contributes to increase the rate of relaxation, as demonstrated in PV–⁄– mice.

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  • Intravenous iron, used for the treatment of anemia in chronic renal failure andother diseases, represents a possible source of free iron in tissue cells, particularly in the liver. In this study we examined the effect of different sources of intravenous iron (IVI) on the labile iron pool (LIP) which represents the nonferritin-bound, redox-active iron that is implicated in oxidative stress and cell injury. Furthermore, we examined the role of the LIP for the synthesis of ferritin.

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  • The effect of leisure activities on life satisfaction: The Importance of Holiday Trips. In recent years, the phenomenon of happiness has been receiving increased interest. People want to know what can possibly make them happier. Generally speaking, there are two ways to improve happiness, one is to change one's view on life and the other is to change one's way of life. The latter way is promising since approximately 40% of variance in happiness is attributable to intentional activity.

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  • Your child will Improve: conversation skills, interaction with friends, observation skills. Your child will Learn to: cooperate with others, recycle instead of throw away, measure liquids, tie a knot, use a ruler. Your child will Improve: sense of patience, color appreciation, manual dexterity, color coordination. Your child will Develop: sense of pride, an artistic flair, sense of design, appreciation for the written word. Your child will Increase: hand/eye coordination, and an eye for detail. Your child will Learn about: recycling, sharing, money, shapes and colors.

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  • Perhaps the most abused, and overused, phrase in information technology is “new and improved” or “new features that increase productivity” or something similar. With Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft really has every right to make those claims, and many more. Although Exchange Server is now more than 10 years old, it keeps growing and evolving, partly because of customer demands and partly because Microsoft continues to push messaging to places it has yet to go.

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  • The Essay Activator has been created to help you improve your written English. By varying the range of vocabulary and expressions that you use, your essays will become richer and your grades will improve. You can see from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen that there are 28 Essay Activators.

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  • Students will interact with teacher in small groups. Play games such as finger plays, Simon Says, Red-Light Green-Light. Read and re-read stories with repeated lines. Dictate stories about classroom experiences. Increase duration of group story time as listening skills develop.

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