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  • FreeMind is the powerful, free mind mapping software used by millions of people worldwide to capture their ideas and communicate them visually. Mind mapping with FreeMind will teach you how to develop different kinds of mind maps to capture and arrange your ideas. You will learn how to combine FreeMind or Freeplane with other free software in order to enhance the mind maps. You will learn to link and share them for use with mobile devices. This provides easy-to-follow instructions to design different types of mind maps according to the needs of teachers and students.

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  • 94 Chapter 2: The HTML Language Example 2.23: HTML code for image scaling Example 2.23 Wide Style Figure 2.23: A scaled-up image Imagemaps are an extension to the concept of document linking. An imagemap is an ordinary image upon which a set of subareas have been defined, each of which is a hyperlink to a different URL. An image becomes imagemapped when the usemap attribute is added to the image element with a value that matches the name or id attribute value of a map element placed elsewhere in the document. The map element contains a set...

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  • HTML and XML for Beginners provides Web coding beginners with a concise guide to the world of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and previews even more powerful alternatives such as Extensible Markup Language (XML). Rich in examples, the book walks the Web beginner through basic HTML techniques such as creating and publishing Web pages, formatting text, adding graphics, and creating hyperlinks.

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