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  • Tham khảo sách 'administering and automating microsoft sql server 2005 databases and servers', công nghệ thông tin, kỹ thuật lập trình phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • SQL Server 2008 introduces many new features that will change database administration procedures; many DBAs will be forced to migrate to SQL Server 2008. This book teaches you how to develop the skills required to successfully administer a SQL Server 2008 database; no prior experience is required. The material covers system installation and configuration/architecting, implementing and monitoring security controls, configuring and managing network communications, automating administration tasks

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  • In the knowledge byte section, tell the students about how to use the copy database wizard to copy or move databases and related objects to a different database server or another SQL Server instance. When using the copy database wizard you must have database administrator permissions on both the source and destination servers. Also, ensure that the second instance of SQL Server is installed, with the name SERVER\SECOND.

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  • In these lab exercises, students will be performing backup operations by creating a backup device. In addition, students will also be creating, managing, and troubleshooting SQL Server agents and jobs.

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  • In this section, you will learn about: Optimizing hardware resource usage, monitoring hardware resources, resolving system bottlenecks, monitoring SQL Server 2000 system activity, optimizing SQL Server 2000 system activity, troubleshooting SQL Server 2000 system activity.

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  • I dedicate this book to my wife, Sherry. I want to thank you for not only contributing to this book, but for your continuous love, patience, support, and understanding. We have come a long way since we met, and I am very grateful and value everything you do. I also dedicate this book to my children, Kyanna and Kaden, who inspire me to always achieve my best. And to my parents, Aban and Keki, thank you both for instilling good values, work ethics, and for always encouraging higher education. —Ross Mistry, MCTS, MCDBA, MCSE...

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  • When you write stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions, you need to decide whether to use traditional Transact-SQL or a programming language that is compatible with the .NET Framework, such as Visual Basic .NET or C#. Transact- SQL is best for situations in which the code primarily performs data access with little or no procedural logic. Programming languages that are compatible with the .NET Framework are best-suited for computationally-intensive functions and procedures that feature complex logic or for situations where you want to take advantage of the .

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  • In this lesson, you will learn about: Configuring and Using SQLMail, configuring and Using SQLAgentMail, configuring and Managing Linked Servers, introducing IIS virtual directories to support Extensible Markup Language (XML).

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  • Welcome to the first article in my series SQL Server Administration in 15 Minutes a Week. In this series we will cover the skills needed to successfully administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 machine. This series will also help you prepare for the Microsoft 70-228 exam "Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition." In this initial article we will look at an overview of the options and requirements when installing SQL Server 2000.

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  • 430 administration administration host servers, Administration console, 152-155 Hyper-V, 16, 18 virtual guest sessions, 31-34 Administration tool, 31 Terminal Services, 32-34 VMM tool, 32 Windows Server 2008, administering remotely, 155, 157-162 Administration button, Navigation pane, VMM (Virtual Machine Manager), 260 Administration console (Hyper-V), 152-155 launching, 152 MMC tool, 153-154 roles, administering, 297-298 Server Manager tool, 152-153 administration passwords, Server Core, changing, 121 Administration tool snapshot capabilities, 31, 38 virtual guest sessions, managing, 31 ...

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  • This page intentionally left blank Download at 6 Managing, Administering, and Maintaining a Hyper-V Host Server Hyper-V host systems are the heart of an IT infrastructure that supports several other virtual guest sessions running on the hosts. These host servers need to be managed and maintained to keep businesses application running optimally. Hyper-V host server management and maintenance help maximize investment in infrastructure and productivity.

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  • 170 6 Managing, Administering, and Maintaining a Hyper-V Host Server administrator is responsible for (and organizations with virtualized servers typically have many virtual servers they are overseeing and managing). Microsoft has developed a product to make these tasks easier and more manageable: System Center Operations Manager 2007. System Center Operations Manager 2007 is an enterprise-class monitoring and management solution for Windows environments.

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  • 180 6 Managing, Administering, and Maintaining a Hyper-V Host Server 5. On the Confirm Installation Selections page, review the summary, and click Install to continue. 6. On the Installation Results page, review the results, and click Close to complete the installation. Installing Windows Server Backup Using servermanagercmd.exe In many cases, administrators might choose to use the command prompt environment as a preference when installing roles, role services, or features. When a particular feature or role is installed using the servermanagercmd.

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  • 450 servers cluster witness file shares, 357 clusters, 355 failback, 357 failover, 357 failover clustering, 354-357 generic cluster resources, 357 LUNs (logical unit numbers), 357 nodes, 355 passive nodes, 356 service groups, 356 shared storage, 357 virtual cluster servers, 356 clusters adding storage to, 370-371 failover clusters, 363-382 consolidation, virtualization, 11-12 DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) servers, virtualization, 12 DNS (domain name system) servers, 351 functionality, checking, 187-188 host managers, managing, 206-207 host servers, 151-152 administering, 152-...

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  • 160 6 Managing, Administering, and Maintaining a Hyper-V Host Server FIGURE 6.4 Enabling Remote Desktop on a host system. NOTE In step 5, you could choose to Allow Connections from Computers Running Any Version Of Remote Desktop (Less Secure). This option allows the use of the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) earlier than version 6.0, which is the RDC software that came by default with Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows XP Because you are access.

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  • 190 6 Managing, Administering, and Maintaining a Hyper-V Host Server FIGURE 6.19 The Event Viewer filter. Some warnings and errors are normal because of bandwidth constraints or other environmental issues. The more you monitor the logs, the more familiar you will become with the messages and, therefore, the more likely you will be able to spot a problem before it affects the user community. TIP You might need to increase the size of the log files in Event Viewer to accommodate an increase in logging activity.

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  • 200 6 Managing, Administering, and Maintaining a Hyper-V Host Server Manager. To check for an update to the device driver for the network adapter, follow these steps: 1. Expand the Network Adapters node in Device Manager. 2. Select the network adapter to check. 3. Select Action, Update Driver Software from the menu. 4. Click Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software. 5. Click Yes, Always Search Online (Recommended). 6. Install the update if found. 7. Click Close to exit the wizard. NOTE Many times, the latest version of the driver will already be installed.

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  • 290 9 Installing and Getting Familiar with Virtual Machine Manager 2008 FIGURE 9.12 The VMM Administrator console. The most common actions performed using the Administrator console include the following: . Adding hosts . Creating host groups . Managing hosts . Managing host clusters . Configuring the VMM library . Creating VMs . Deploying and migrating VMs . Managing VMs . Configuring the self-service portal . Monitoring and reporting . Administering and managing roles Download at www.wowebook.

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  • In this section, tell students about the concept of Object Linking and Embedded databases (OLEDB). OLEDB is a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enables the user to connect to different data sources. Ensure that the following datafiles are installed on the student nodes: Employee.mdb, BooksDetails.xls

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  • Collaborate Chapter 2 Knowledge Byte In this section, you will learn about: Functions to customize the result set in SQL Server 2005 Using Functions to Customize the Result Set Read the following section of Chapter 2 of the book Querying and Managing Data Using SQL Server 2005: Using Functions to Customize the Result Set NIIT Querying, Managing, and Administering Databases Using SQL Server 2005 2.

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