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  • Research objectives: Contributing to interpretation problems and practical reasoning, which recommended fundamental solution to meet development goals overall personality development of students towards the contingent future military officers. Clarifying the nature and some problems with regularity developed aesthetic sense of students trained officer Vietnam People's Army.

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  • The Cosmetic Bootcamp arose from a simple concept asked at a lecture that I was delivering to a group of people attending a cosmetic meeting. An audience member responded to a statement that I made to the effect that the techniques I was discussing were best reserved for those individuals trained during a residency or fellowship to understand the anatomy and technical considerations involved.

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  • But are these aspects of my experiences sufficient to impart an aesthetic character to them? The possibility that there can be aesthetic experiences of things other than artworks, or that there can be aesthetic experiences that are not characterized by exaltation, has sometimes been excluded by definition.

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  • Success in any enterprise depends on the interaction of tal- ented, energetic people. We believe office furniture should encourage this interaction by enabling the easy exchange of ideas and information. Monolithic work cells dominated by unmovable desks and hulking overhead storage can debili- tate the office landscape and limit the effectiveness of the people who must work in them.

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