Affinity laws

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  • PUMPS AND PUMPING SYSTEMS PUMP OPERATING MODES AND CRITICALITY 7.3 Series Pump Installation Analysis 7.3 Parallel Pumping Economics 7.5 Using Centrifugal Pump Specific Speed to Select Driver Speed 7.10 Ranking Equipment Criticality to Comply with Safety and Environmental Regulations 7.12 PUMP AFFINITY LAWS, OPERATING

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  • Larry Bachus and Angel Custodio met each other in the early 1990s in Puerto Rico. Larry was working on a pump and seal conversion in a pharmaceutical chemical plant and Angel was installing a computerized preventive maintenance system in the same plant. They had passed each other in the administrative offices at the plant and one day the maintenance engineer introduced them and suggested they work together. They became fast friends and have worked together on numerous projects over the years since, including this book....

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  • Often their arrival in the household is seen as an opportunity for their mother-in-law to take a larger role in outside work, whether as part of a family unit or elsewhere. So young married women rarely have an independent income, nor do they have direct access to the household's resources. Even if they separate their household from their husband’s parents, they rarely control resources, often merely implementing subsistence budgetary strategies.

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