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  • The United States has been in the process of destroying its chemical munitions for well over a decade. Initially, the U.S. Army, guided by recommendations from the National Research Council (NRC), decided to use incineration as its destruction method at all sites. However, citizens in some states with stockpile storage sites oppose incineration on the grounds that the exact nature of the effluents escaping from the stacks cannot be determined.

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  • While the notion of a cooperative response has been the focus of considerable research in natural language dialogue systems, there has been little empirical work demonstrating how such responses lead to more efficient, natural, or successful dialogues. This paper presents an experimental evaluation of two alternative response strategies in TOOT, a spoken dialogue agent that allows users to access train schedules stored on the web via a telephone conversation.

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  • This paper is dealing with formulation of photodegradable films based on polyethylenecassava starch blend using benzophenone/antraquinone or Fe(II) compound as photosensitive compound. Benzophenone, antraquinone and Fe(II) compound were synthesized in the laboratory and characterized by IR and NMR spectra. The films were obtained by extrusion-blowing method and showed good mechanical properties. They were exposed outdoor and indoor for photodegradability testing. It showed that after four months outdoor their tensile at break decreased 85% and elongation at break about 90%.

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  • Soil fertility describes soil nutrient status and the factors controlling the supply of nutrients to plants. Continued efforts to improve soil fertility are required to support the world's growing demand for food, fiber, and renewable fuels. Important ecological services provided by soils, such as biodiversity, buffering capacity, and nutrient recycling benefit from the amendments applied to sustain soil fertility. Those amendments need to be applied in a manner that is both economical and practical for the producer to achieve agronomic objectives that are environmentally sound.

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  • The terms “cosmetic tattooing” or “permanent makeup” (e.g. micropigmentation) refer to mechanical application of pigmented materials to the area of the eye, lips and face for the purpose of changing the color or appearance of that facial feature. This is a rapidly growing business in the United States becoming mainstream in many sociological circles.

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  • nút trong mô hình, và dụ đại lý chỉ có một có thể được sử dụng với một ví dụ đại lý (hai người gửi từ xa có thể không giao tiếp với một máy thu duy nhất, hai người nhận phải được giao cho nút). Giao đại lý cho các nút, bạn phải sử dụng các lệnh đính kèm-agent. Trình tự trông giống như:

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  • The goal of this project is to learn about the visual qualities that can be used to control aesthetics in visualization. Psychologists have identified emotional and cognitive properties believed to underlie the aesthetic judgement of images. Based on this work, I have chosen three visual qualities that appear promising to aesthetics in visualization. I propose to vary these qualities and conduct studies to evaluate the salience of each quality in terms of aesthetics. Statistical analysis will be used to detect any significant changes in aesthetic judgement or related properties.

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  • A young woman confronted with a diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) can expect lifelong complications arising from the disease itself, as well as the therapies used to treat this condition. About 50–70 per cent of SLE patients experience inflammation of the kidneys. As such, the young woman can expect to be treated with high doses of corticosteroids, often accompanied by the alkylating agent cyclophosphamide.

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  • Melanoma: A model for testing new agents in combination therapies

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  • In the ongoing pilot study of global standards in institutional self-evaluation, 11 schools in eight countries had confirmed the value of the standards being tested. A further 24 schools had been brought into the study, for which information had been received for all but the final two schools. The purpose of accreditation and quality improvement in medical education is to adjust medical education to changing conditions in the health care delivery system and to prepare doctors for the needs and expectations of society.

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  • Thus, ultrafine dusts of the same dimensions as nanoparticles mainly penetrate the body via inhalation and are deposited in the lungs. A portion of these dusts can be distributed directly to the brain via the olfactory nerves. The lungs do not necessarily succeed in totally eliminating these undesirable particles, which then cause pulmonary inflammation. This can lead to the development of lung diseases specific to the nature of the dusts that caused them.

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  • Absorbent : Chất hấp thụ. Actinic rays: Hoá quang. Actinometer: Hoá quang kế. Action: Tác dụng. Activete: Hoạt hoá. Active element hoặc active. Substance: Hoạt chất. Additive: Chất phụ gia. Adhesive: Chất kết dính. Adsorb: hấp thụ. Adsorption: Sự hấp thụ. Affinity: ái lực. Agent: chất. Air pressure: áp suất khí quyển. Alcoholic fermentation: lên men rượu. Alipathic compound / hợp chất béo. Alkali: chất kiềm. Alkali metals or alkaline: k.loại kiềm. Allergic reaction or allergic test: phản ứng dị ứng....

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  • Upon completion of this lab, the student will be able to set up monitoring agents to run tests and alerts for the system.

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  • On the other hand, the social sciences face challenges that go beyond their capabilities of processing information. By using modern techniques such as computer agents and other methodologies, it is possible to aid in the testing and the formulation of theories Davidsson (2002).

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  • The movie clip contains motion tweens of several photographs fading in and out. A movie clip’s animation is independent of the main Timeline and plays only when you test the movie (Control Test Movie in Flash Professional). 4 In the Library panel, drag the contact movie clip symbol from the Library panel to the Stage. Position the contact movie clip instance at X=620 and Y=175. The movie clip of the real estate agent and her contact information is a simple static graphic.

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  • Chapter 13 WALD. LIKELIHOOD RATIO, AND LAGRANGE MULTiPLIER TESTS IN ECONOMETRICS In analyzing discrete choices made over time, two arguments favor the use of continuous time models. (1) In most economic models there is no natural time unit within which agents make their decisions and take their actions. Often it is more natural and analytically convenient

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  • The benefit-to-risk ratio of blood products needs constant evaluation. Blood products, as therapeutic agents, have had the test of time but lack the evidence we expect from other medicinals. Blood, an organ, is used as a pharmaceutical agent by the medical profession, due to the achievements in collection, processing, banking, and distribution. The fact that the most common risk of blood transfusion isblood delivery error supports the notion that blood is handled as a pharmaceutical agent.

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  • As Levitt sees it, economics is a science with excellent tools for gain-ing answers but a serious shortage of interesting questions. His par-ticular gift is the ability to ask such questions.

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  • Introduction: β-Lactum antibiotics constitute an important class of antibacterial agents being used extensively for both humans and food-producing animals to treat or prevent infections. The drugs occasionally cause human deaths due to anaphylactic shock during medical treatments, especially when they are parenterally administered without their prior intracutaneous tests. These cases are usually handled as medical accidents (malpractice), and subjected to autopsies and analysis of the drugs used. These antibiotics are composed of cephems ( Table 10.1) and penicillins ( Table 10.

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  • Frolog is a text-adventure game whose goal is to serve as a laboratory for testing pragmatic theories of accommodation. To this end, rather than implementing ad-hoc mechanisms for each task that is necessary in such a conversational agent, Frolog integrates recently developed tools from computational linguistics, theorem proving and artificial intelligence planning.

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