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  • Introduction Chapter 1: Introducing SQL CLR Chapter 2: Your First CLR Stored Procedure Chapter 3: SQL CLR Structure and Common Tasks Chapter 4: Creating SQL CLR Objects Chapter 5: Comparing T-SQL with Managed Code Chapter 6: Replacing Extended Stored Procedures, Functions, and Other T-SQL Objects Chapter 7: The .NET Framework’s Base Class Library Chapter 8: Using SQL CLR Stored Procedures in Your Applications Chapter 9: Handling Errors in CLR Stored Procedures Chapter 10: CLR Administration and Security Chapter 11: Case Study...

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  • Objectives of the Reference Types is introduce reference types (class, array); discuss details of use (declaration, allocation, assignment, null, parameter, aggregation); introduce garbage collection and something else.

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  • Lecture Programming C# - Chapter 6 introduce reference types. In this chapter, we will discuss class and array; discuss details of use (declaration, allocation, assignment, null, parameter, aggregation) and garbage collection. Inviting you to refer.

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  • Target marketing is based on fundamental marketing principles that are employed by just about all firms across all types of products and toward all types of audience segments. As the nation undergoes dramatic demographic shifts, moving today’s ethnic minorities to the majority in many geographic areas, target marketing to ethnic groups will increase.

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  • Someone with a physical illness or disability often needs hands-on or stand-by assistance with activities of daily living (see page 19). People with cognitive impairments usually need supervision, protection or verbal reminders to do everyday activities. The way long-term care services are provided is changing. Skilled care and personal care are still the terms used most often to describe long-term care and the type or level of care you may need.

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  • This analysis takes as given that improved information and accounting methods are costly. While costs will vary across different types of improved information -- and are by no means always easy to measure -- they are conceptually straightforward to define. Information's costs include the labor and capital costs necessary to acquire, apply, and verify new information. The costs may be associated with a diverse set of activities, including technical R&D, financial analysis, process engineering studies, software development, inventory controls, and supplier surveys.

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  • The urban-rural meta-narrative seems likely to have a generally positive impact on these D-P types, as they are net gainers in terms of population and economic activity, due both to counter-urbanisation and in-migration from remoter regions. The Globalisation meta narrative (here interpreted mainly in terms of economic restructuring effects) is also likely to have predominantly positive impacts upon these types of non-urban region.

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  • Obwona (2000) estimated a trans log production function to determine technical efficiency differentials between small- and medium-scale tobacco farmers in Uganda using a stochastic frontier approach. The estimated efficiencies were explained by socioeconomic and demographic factors. The results showed that, credit accessibility extension services and farm assets contribute positively towards the improvement of efficiency.

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  • Many of these attacks are now either semiautomatic or completely automatic. In semiauto- matic DDoS attacks, the intruder typically uses automatic tools to scan and compromise vulnerable machines and infect these machines with the attack code. At some later time, the machines with the attack code are used to launch a widely distributed attack. Even more problematic are the completely automatic attacks, where the need for later communication with attack machines is bypassed.

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  • Considerable attention has been paid to the high cytotoxic potential of small, prefibrillar aggregates of proteins⁄peptides, either associated or not associated with amyloid diseases. Recently, we reported that different cell types are variously affected by early aggregates of the N-terminal domain of the prokaryotic hydrogenase maturation factor HypF (HypF-N), a pro-tein not involved in any disease.

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  • Inverse floating-rate securities are a special kind of floater. Their coupon rates increase when general market rates decrease. For example, the coupon may be 8 percent minus the three-month LIBOR. These securities often appeal to investors when the yield curve is very steep, as the coupon formula will give a coupon rate often well above short term financing costs. However, an increase in LIBOR can cause the interest rate on this type of security to drop very low and possibly to zero. If the security has a long maturity, it can lose significant...

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  • Recently, much academic and regulatory interest has been concentrated on the problem of high-yield, junk bond default. Arguably, corporate bonds have defaulted for many reasons, including factors specific to the individual issuing firm, variables corresponding to the industry in which it operates, and macroeconomic forces affecting the business cycle. Individual factors include the firm's leverage, industry type, agency problem, riskiness of the investment decisions, managerial integrity, efficiency and investment savvy together with institutional operating costs.

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  • For a millennium, universities have been considered the main societal hub for knowledge and learning.1 And for a millennium, the basic structures of how universities produce and disseminate knowledge and evaluate students have survived intact through the sweeping societal changes created by technology—the moveable-type printing press, the Industrial Revolution, the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, and computers.

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  • The growing awareness of organisations of the need to have information systems for management purposes is related to their own need to coexist in a permanently changing environment, not only physically but also technologically, socially and financially (Caplan, 1971). This situation became more accentuated over the 1980s and 1990s, owing to the processes of market internationalisation and globalisation (Roberts and Hunt, 1991).

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  • Human amylin is a small fibrillogenic protein that is the major constituent of pancreatic islet amyloid, which occurs in most subjects with type 2 dia-betes. There is evidence that it can elicitin vitro apoptosis in isletb-cells, but the physical properties that underpin its cytotoxicity have not been clearly elucidated.

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  • Heterologous expression of the extracellular domains (ECDs) of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (AChR) subunits may give large amounts of proteins for studying the functional and spatial characteristics of their ligand-binding sites. The ECD of the a7 subunit of the homo-oligomeric a7 neuronal AChR appears to be a more suitable object than the ECDs of other heteromeric neuronal or muscle-type AChRs. The rat a7 ECDs (amino-acid residues  1–210) were recently expressed in Escherichia coli as fusion proteins with maltose-binding protein...

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  • One of the most important pathological features of type 2 diabetes is the formation of islet amyloid, of which the major component is amylin pep-tide. However, the presence of a natural inhibitor such as insulin may keep amylin stable and physiologically functional in healthy individuals. Some previous studies demonstrated that insulin was a potent inhibitor of amylin fibril formationin vitro, but others obtained contradictory results.

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  • The classic theories are based on the scientific and rational view of the companies, of management systems and on the scientific organisation of the work, premises under which it is assumed that employees are passive subjects whose performance may be totally controlled by formal mechanisms.

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  • Recently, a novel plaque-associated protein, collagenous Alzheimer amy-loid plaque component (CLAC), was identified in brains from patients with Alzheimer’s disease. CLAC is derived from a type II transmembrane colla-gen precursor protein, termed CLAC-P (collagen XXV). The biological function and the contribution of CLAC to the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease and plaque formation are unknown.

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  • IPv6 offers many additional benefits to IPv4 including a larger address space, easier address aggregation, and integrated security. The IPv6 address is 128 bits long and is made up of a 48-bit global prefix, a 16-bit subnet ID, and a 64-bit interface identifier. There are several ways to assign IPv6 addresses: statically, stateless autoconfiguration, and DHCPv6.

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