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  • Charity Hisle is a social media consultant, speaker and trainer. After several years in the printing and Multifamily industries, she developed a love for social media marketing and became excited about the implications of social media marketing for small business. In an effort to generate awareness concerning the benefits of leveraging social media, she established an engagement training blog and became a full-time social media consultant.

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  • To put the amount of new construction into perspective, metro Denver experiences net absorption of about 5,000 to 6,000 apartment units in a long-term “normal” year. According to the Denver Metro Apartment and Vacancy Survey, 4,791 units were absorbed during the first three quarters of 2012, well above the net absorption of 1,556 reported for all of 2011. 2010 absorption levels were above the norm while 2009 was below. 2008 experienced the second largest negative absorption over the last decade, reflecting the start of the Great Recession.

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  • Living arrangements, particularly overcrowded conditions and a lack of privacy, have been associated with conflict within families. Although abuse can occur when the abuser and the older person suffering abuse live apart, the older person is more at risk when living with the caregiver. The early theories on the subject also sought to associate dependency with increased risk of abuse.

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  • After the tragic death of her husband, a year before, after the anxious months when she had to be always on hand in case the lawyers who were gathering together what was left of his squandered fortune wanted to see her, she had been glad to accept the Leonards' offer of this grand old house so that she could rest her nerves and consider what she should do with her life. After eight years of extravagant living, and an unhappy marriage, she found herself at the age of thirty with some fine pearls and an income just large enough, with...

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  • Birch (1979) is generally considered to have provided the igniting spark to the area of small business research (e.g., Acs et al., 2008; Landström, 2005). He did so by empirically demonstrating that small firms generated most new jobs in the U.S. economy, which went against the prevailing view at that time. The interest in HGFs originates from this research, as further investigations showed that most small firms did not grow at all, and that job growth emanates from a small number of fast growing firms.

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  • Remember that your landlord can still hold YOU, the person who signed the primary lease, responsible for any damage that your subtenant commits. You would then have to sue your subtenant for the money. Note: If you are a subtenant and pay a security deposit to the primary tenant, you may want to get a statement authorizing you to collect the tenant’s deposit from the landlord when you move out. You probably will also want to document the apartment’s condition when you move in.

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  • Whilst some men with a PSA below the currently accepted “normal” age-specific threshold will have prostate cancer, it is also true that many men with a PSA above this threshold will not have prostate cancer as an elevated PSA can be attributable to a number of benign conditions as well apart from the presence of prostate cancer. Considerable efforts have been made to improve the sensitivity and specificity of PSA testing including the adoption of free-to-total PSA ratios, %free PSA, [-2]pro-PSA, PSA density and PSA velocity.

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  • The increase in single-family detached housing for those aged 62 and older during the 1985 through 2003 period may be highlighting the “aging in place” choice discussed in the literature. Based on the age groups’ rates in 1985, the group aged 45 to 54 would be expected to move out of single-family detached (72.7 percent to 60.8 percent). The actual change, however, was much lower – i.e., 72.5 percent to 71.8 percent. Other factors may be drivers as well, however – e.g., single-family homes became increasingly affordable as interest rates fell.

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  • Prince Peter Alexeivitch Kropotkin, revolutionary and scientist, was descended from the old Russian nobility, but decided, at the age of thirty, to throw in his lot with the social rebels not only of his own country, but of the entire world. He became the intellectual leader of Anarchist-Communism; took part in the labor movement; wrote many books and pamphlets; established Le Révolté in Geneva and Freedom in London; contributed to the Encyclopedia Britannica; was twice imprisoned because of his radical activities; and twice visited America.

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  • Michel Eyquem De Montaigne, the founder of the modern Essay, was born February 28, 1533, at the chateau of Montaigne in Pirigord. He came of a family of wealthy merchants of Bordeaux, and was educated at the College de Guyenne, where he had among his teachers the great Scottish Latinist, George Buchanan. Later he studied law, and held various public offices; but at the age of thirty-eight he retired to his estates, where he lived apart from the civil wars of the time, and devoted himself to study and thought. While he was traveling in Germany and Italy, in 1580-81, he was elected mayor of...

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  • There are many iconographic antecedents to Marie’s shape. The cypress trees in Pisa 1976-77, inverted, or the cone casting a shadow in The Patients and the Doctors, 1978, are good examples. A bandaged figure not dissimilar to Marie’s shape and drawn as if blue- print for the method used for creating her can be found in the Madrid Notebooks, l978.7 Apart from simply being a shape of interest to the artist, it has been variously interpreted to represent a mummy, a stone-age artifact, a botanical study, a pine cone, a cocoon, or just a carrot.

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  • But marsupials did not die out entirely. Another group of North American marsupials dispersed to South America around 70 million years ago. From there, they expanded into Antarctica and Australia, both of which were attached to South America at the time. Marsupials arrived in Australia no later than 55 mil- lion years ago, the age of the oldest marsupial fossils found there. Later, South America, Antarctica, and Australia began to drift apart, each carrying with it a population of marsupials. The fossil record shows that marsupials were still in Antarctica 40 million years ago.

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