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  • Be aware that some of these sample letters have legal, financial, or otherimplications. If you are not sure about the use of any letter, consult with an appropriateprofessional first.

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  • Application and Agreement for Standby Letter of Credit

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  • Các mẫu thư tiếng Anh sử dụng trong quản lý nhân sự - Employment agreement in letter format (long form)

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  • Các mẫu thư tiếng Anh sử dụng trong quản lý nhân sự - Employment agreement in letter format (short form)

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  • Security Agreement and Pledge For Use with Letter of Credit

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  • Wulf et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:365 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Scaling properties of ballistic nano-transistors Ulrich Wulf*, Marcus Krahlisch and Hans Richter Abstract Recently, we have suggested a scale-invariant model for a nano-transistor. In agreement with experiments a closeto-linear thresh-old trace was found in the calculated ID - VD-traces separating the regimes of classically allowed transport and tunneling transport.

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  • All professional psychological work should be accurate and ethical. Errors of omission or commission are likely to have serious repercussions in forensic psychological practice. In this setting, even small mistakes can lead to embarrassment, criticism, licensing board sanctions, and possible criminal charges as well as civil lawsuits. The devil is in the details. The Forensic Documentation Sourcebook, 2nd ed.

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  • While we distinguish the first four 'rungs' of the Intervention Ladder as involving different degrees of organisational involvement and (potentially) cost, we do not distinguish them on ethical grounds: all are 'altruist-focused interventions'. We do not consider that refunding expenses involved in donation or providing minor tokens as a „spur‟ to donation involve ethical compromises in a way that information campaigns or letters of thanks do not.

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  • It is also important to note that our definition of support is narrow and excludes certain instances of sponsor intervention to protect MMMFs from losses. Specifically, direct support excludes support in the form of Capital Support Agreements (CSAs) and/or Letters of Credit (both of which provided guarantees on individual or a portfolio of securities) that were not drawn upon - even where such facilities were important in maintaining the market value NAVs of the funds.

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  • In order to increase competitiveness of the company in this economic situation, the production volumes are being increased by more rational use of company resources, by organization of long-term cooperation with providers of resources and by searching for new markets and analyzing client’s solvency. The increase of production volumes is being based on the existing, already concluded realization agreements and already signed letters of intent.

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