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  • I do not know what prompted me to apply for the post of Primary Health Care Alcohol Liaison Worker and Counsellor with the Acorn Community Drug and Alcohol Service in Surrey, other than that it somehow felt right. I had not previously had experience of working with people with alcohol problems. It was late 1994 and I had recently left my job as a Fundholding Manager at a GP surgery in Guildford, having earlier completed my diploma training in person-centred counselling and psychotherapy.

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  • Agenda The Therapeutic Value of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous: define recovery, understand the soundness of the psychological principles that are operative in the 12 Steps, propose a True - Self model of personal development to understand the therapeutic effects of the 12 Steps, understand the therapeutic value and effect of the 12 Steps, understand how the Steps help one develop a new understanding of themselves and a more positive self - concept.

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  • Many students in the surveys singled out organ music as being particularly detrimental to their viewing experiences. Overall, 43 percent of respondents in the initial survey were neutral towards a piano or organ score, with an addition- al 33.3 percent noting that such music detracted from their engagement with the films. The consensus of the large focus group for the Ballet Mechanique screen- ing was that there would have been diminished interest in the film if an organ score were used. “Organ music would be so distracting, esp.

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  • tures vào các chương trình được thiết kế đặc biệt cho thanh thiếu niên (Deas, Riggs, Langenbuncher, Goldman, & Brown, 2000). Mô hình mười hai bước mô hình 12 bước có nguồn gốc của họ bước 12-định hướng phát triển của Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) và Narcotics Anonymous (NA), được thành lập trên niềm tin rằng nghiện là một bệnh tiến bộ và điều trị đòi hỏi phải kiêng

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  • Research aiming to predict which patients will do better with which type of specialist treatments has given few leads. The GP’s decision where to refer a patient should be guided in large part by the patient’s choice. Some predictors however, have emerged: patients who are angry at the initial assessment appear to do better, in the short term, if given motivational interviewing.117,118 Patients with psychiatric disorders (‘dual diagnosis’) tend to do better if referred to specialist psychological or psychiatric services than to 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups.

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