Alveolar bone

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  • Advances in stem cell biology and biomaterials development in the late 1990s have helped drive on an ever expanding body of research in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Scientists realized that the key to future success of functional tissues is bridging the gap between developmental biology and tissue engineering. We are all amazed by the high degree of sophistication and miniaturization found in nature. Nature is, indeed, a school of science.

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  • Periodontitis is one of the most common oral diseases and is characterised by gingival inflammation and alveolar bone resorption (Savage et al. 2009). Periodontitis is a multifactorial irreversible and cumulative condition, initiated and propagated by bacteria and host factors (Kinane 2001). More than 500 different bacterial species are able to colonise the oral biofilm and up to 150 different species of bacteria are possible in any individual’s subgingival plaque.

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  • The maxillary sinus continues to grow until eruption of the permanent teeth (4). The adult sinus is variable in its extension, in one-half of cases extending into the alveolar process forming an alveolar recess. In these instances the sinus comes in close proximity to the roots of the maxillary posterior teeth. With the loss of posterior teeth, the sinus can extend further into the alveolar bone, even reaching the alveolar ridge occasionally (4).

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  • Two histone H4 mRNA variants, H4-v.1 and histogranin mRNAs, were detected in the rat genome and measured in various tissues and isolated alveolar macrophages. Medium to high levels of both mRNAs were present in the liver, adrenal glands, thymus, bone marrow and alveolar macrophag-es. H4-v.1 cDNA contained an open reading frame that coded for unmodi-fied whole histone H4, whereas histogranin cDNA lacked the first ATG codon and contained an open reading frame that coded for modified (Thr89) H4-(84–102). ...

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