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  • An ammunition system capable of providing limited and rapid resupply of munitions is particularly important for future U.S. Army operations. This study analyzes alterative processes and associated policies for providing this capability.......

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  • .This product is part of the RAND Corporation monograph series. RAND monographs present major research findings that address the challenges facing the public and private sectors. All RAND monographs undergo rigorous peer review to ensure high standards for research quality and objectivity.

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  • In this second edition, Steve Krug adds essential ammunition for those whose bosses, clients, stakeholders, and marketing managers insist on doing the wrong thing. If you design, write, program, own, or manage Web sites, you must read this book." -- Jeffrey Zeldman, author of Designing with Web Standards

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  • This first chapter is an introduction to PHP, MySQL, and the interaction of the two. In it, we’ll try to address some of the most common questions about these tools, such as “What are they?” and “How do they compare to similar technologies?” Most of the chapter is taken up with an enumeration of the many, many reasons to choose PHP, MySQL, or the two in tandem.

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  • Learn four cost - effective ways to protect the applications you develop for mobile devices. The methods described in this Mini Missing Manual won't stop people from misappropriating your secrets, stealing your name, and copying your code. But if any of those things do happen, you'll have the legal ammunition you need to recover your losses and, in some cases, get money to pay attorney fees. Taking these steps will also reinforce your legal rights in the event that another company wants to acquire your apps....

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  • In the military, you cannot fight a battle without ammunition, guns, food and transport. This is an aspect of logistics. Similarly, you cannot run a project without certain requirements, e.g. you cannot develop a curriculum without a budget, subject experts, students to benefit from the curriculum, and so forth. Project Risks Project risks are the anticipated and unanticipated obstacles that might arise in the course of a given project. A risk analysis is conducted in order to isolate the most likely ones, and involves answering the question: “What could go wrong?” ...

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  • Le Maréchal FRENCH commandait en Chef l'Armée Britannique au début de la Guerre. Comme on le sait, les allemands ont cherché en 1914 à profiter de leur supériorité numérique et de l'écrasante puissance de leur armement, pour mettre hors de cause les Armées Alliées d'Occident, par une manoeuvre enveloppante, aussi rapide que possible.Après avoir cherché en vain la décision à la MARNE, puis à l'AISNE et à la SOMME, ils la poursuivent successivement à ARRAS, sur l'YSER et à YPRES....

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  • Courts are now required to notify all domestic violence offenders of the two federal domestic violence-related gun prohibitions. Courts must inform all domestic violence offenders that they may be subject to federal firearm prohibition(s). The notification should also inform the abuser of applicable state, tribal, or territorial laws that may limit purchase or possession of firearms and ammunition. It is important that offenders are aware of these prohibitions.

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