Analytic epidemiology

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  • This print-based, self-study course provides public health and other healthcare professionals with basic epidemiology principles, concepts, and procedures used in the surveillance and investigation of health-related events. This resource contains key features and applications of descriptive and analytic epidemiology, an in-depth study of public health surveillance, and a step-by-step description of outbreak investigations.

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  • Dịch Tễ Học (DTH) là môn học (1) khảo sát sự phân bố (của) và các yếu tố quyết định (determinants) đưa đến các tình trạng hoặc các biến cố có liên quan đến sức khỏe trong những cộng đồng dân cư chuyên biệt; và (2) áp dụng kết quả của các khảo sát này vào việc kiểm soát các vấn đề sức khỏe.

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  • Recent advances in clinical proteomics have propelled us into an exciting period of discovery of new cancer biomarkers, although the available proteomic technologies have their limitations. The principles of proteomic technology require stringent guidelines for the collection of clinical material, the application of analytical techniques, and for our interpretation of the data. In this review, we present an overview of the serum tumor markers in current use.

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  • This book is an outgrowth of the author’s experience teaching a toxicology course for 12 years at West Chester University and his interactions with physicans and laboratory toxicologists for 24 years in the Crozer Keystone Health System. These experiences provided valuable insights into the needs both groups have for an enhanced understanding of toxicology in the laboratory and in the emergency department.

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  • The APAC region has the most experience with LBS, led by Japan and Korea. But adoption has been widespread and growth forecasts, for both consumer usage and revenues derived from LBS are very impressive. Strategy Analytics (SA), a leading global organization with analysts based in Europe, Asia and the Americas, have shared their forecasts for the APAC region. Their 2011 report notes, “(we) expect the popularity of mobile search, maps, and navigation applications to drive the adoption of location based services among consumers.

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  • The Pesticide-Induced Diseases Database, launched by Beyond Pesticides, facilitates access to epidemiologic and laboratory studies based on real world exposure scenarios that link public health effects to pesticides. The scientific literature documents elevated rates of chronic diseases among people exposed to pesticides, with increasing numbers of studies associated with both specific illnesses and a range of illnesses.

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  • Partnerships with donor countries have also been very impor- tant for encouraging gender mainstreaming in the Bank. This is true both at the corporate level, where donor countries have co-financed research, evaluation, analysis, and the development of tools, and at a regional and country level. Local partnerships with donors have, in some instances, been extremely effective in leveraging small contri- butions to support in-country analytical and strategic work.

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  • As set out in Appendix 1, we assume that there will be 12,258 vehicles in service in April 2014. In our Medium scenario, the total fleet size increases to 14,062 vehicles by the end of March 2019, a net increase of 1,804 vehicles. The Thameslink, Crossrail and IEP procurements will add, as a central estimate, around 2,500 vehicles to the fleet. On a like-for-like basis this will therefore displace around 700 vehicles. We identified 3,222 vehicles (Appendix 2) reaching the end of their nominal terms of use during CP5. Therefore by the end of CP5, there...

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  • This book is broadly divided into five sections and 17 chapters, highlighting recent advances in aflatoxin research from epidemiology to molecular genomics and control measures, biocontrol approaches, modern analytical techniques, economic concerns and underlying mechanisms of contamination processes.

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  • In this paper we provide a comprehensive characterization ofmodel choice andmodel uncer- tainty in time series studies of air pollution and mortality, focusing on confounding adjustment for seasonal and long-term trends. We first identify analytical approaches that are used com- monly in air pollution epidemiology formodelling the smooth function of time and for selecting its degrees of freedom.

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  • The exposure-response function (quantitative variation of a health outcome per unit of pollutant load) was derived by a meta-analytical assessment of various (international) studies selected from the peer-reviewed epidemiological literature. The effect estimate (gradient) was calculated as the variance weighted average across the results of all studies included in the meta-analysis. In this project, the impact of air pollution on mortality is based on the long-term effect.

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