Analytical bias

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  • People are not naturally good decision makers.We tend to do superficial analyses of the choices available, and then make a quick decision based on personal biases and false assumptions. Not surprisingly, the results are poor-quality decisions. But what is a good decision? How do we know when we are making high-quality decisions with foresight rather than in hindsight? What are the quality standards?

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  • Incremental Analysis 6.002 Fall 2000 Lecture 7 1 .Review Nonlinear Analysis Analytical method Graphical method Today Incremental analysis Reading: Section 4.5 6.002 Fall 2000 Lecture 7 2 .Method 3: Incremental Analysis Motivation: music over a light beam Can we pull this off? iD iR vI (t ) + – + vD LED light intensity I D ∝ iD vI music signal AMP iR ∝ I R light intensity IR in photoreceiver LED: Light Emitting expoDweep ☺ t vI (t ) iD (t ) light iR (t ) sound nonlinear 6.002 Fall 2000 linear problem! will result in distortion Lecture 7 3 .

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  • To explain the bias in favor of domestic securities known as the “international diversification puzzle,” the literature has considered many possible irritants of capital movements across national boundaries but the results remain inconclusive. This paper demonstrates that this complex multivariate problem can be addressed within an analytic hierarchy process (AHP)-driv en expert system.

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