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  • The evaluation strategy should include a schedule showing when monitoring and evaluation will occur and who will be responsible for this. Where formal evaluations are undertaken, care must be taken to avoid conflicts of interest. You may need to consider the importance of mid-term evaluations, interim progress reports or post- implementation reviews as a means of providing early feedback to government on progress towards success, and as a means of meeting accountability and transparency requirements.

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  • Greenplum’s Polymorphic Data Storage performs well when combined with Greenplum’s multi-level table partitioning. With Polymorphic Data Storage, customers can tune the storage types and compression settings of different partitions within the same table. For example, a single partitioned table could have older data stored as “column-oriented with deep/archival compression,” more recent data as “column-oriented with fast/light compression”, and the most recent data as “read/write optimized” to support fast updates and deletes.

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  • There are many issues to be considered when selecting physical storage media that extend beyond the immediate and obvious requirements of the situation. This guidance note should assist data creators to make informed decisions based on the ever-changing choices available. The adoption of appropriate storage media for electronic records brings benefits to data creators, data managers and digital archivists. Selection decisions informed by the criteria described in this guidance note will greatly enhance the sustainability of the records created. ...

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  • Understanding the current state of your storage infrastructure—what capacity you have, where it is located, who is using it, who is paying for it, how efficiently it is being used, and how well it is meeting SLAs—is fundamental to intelligently planning, provisioning, and managing storage. Buying and deploying storage as it is often done on a per-project basis— based on loose estimates of immediate and future required capacity, application requirements, and response times—typically results in over-purchasing of hardware and poor allocation of resources.

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  • Electrical energy plays an important role in our daily life. It can universally be applied and easily be converted into light, heat or mechanical energy. A general problem, however, is that electrical energy can hardly be stored. Capacitors allow its direct storage, but the quantities are small, compared to the demand of most applications. In general, the storage of electrical energy requires its conversion into another form of energy.

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  • Since the first desktop computers emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the power, speed and storage capacity has increased radically, especially in recent years. Indeed, the whole approach to computing and database management has shifted from the independent researcher keeping records for a particular project to state-of-the-art file storage systems, presentation and distribution over the World Wide Web.

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  • In this chapter, we present the methods and standards requiring how to multiplex and synchronize the MPEG-coded video, audio, and other data into a single bitstream or multiple bitstreams for storage and transmission. 20.1 INTRODUCTION ISO/IEC MPEG has completed work on the ISO/IEC 11172 and 13818 standards known as MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, respectively, which deal with the coding of digital audio and video signals. Currently, ISO/IEC is working on ISO/IEC 14496 known as MPEG-4 that is object-based generic coding for multimedia applications.

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  • Although it has been shown that frozen storage is feasible for some of the tissue-engineered products such as bone (Kofron et al., 2003), it is more difficult than that for isolated cells and requires special considerations. Water transport processes may cause difficulties for tissue-scale freezing. While cells at the surface layer would respond to freeze-induced osmotic changes much like cells in suspension, interior cells would dehydrate as a response to the increased intracellular tonicity in the dehydrate surface layers.

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  • Image and video data compression* refers to a process in which the amount of data used to represent image and video is reduced to meet a bit rate requirement (below or at most equal to the maximum available bit rate), while the quality of the reconstructed image or video satisfies a requirement for a certain application and the complexity of computation involved is affordable for the application. The block diagram in Figure 1.1 shows the functionality of image and video data compression in visual transmission and storage.

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  • 1 Introduction and Requirements 2 An Environment for Java Software Development 3 Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages: Jakarta Tomcat 4 XML and XSLT: Xerces and Xalan 5 bonForum Chat Application: Use and Design 6 bonForum Chat Application: Implementation 7 JavaServer Pages:The Browseable User Interface 8 Java Servlet and Java Bean: BonForumEngine and BonForumStore 9 Java Applet Plugged In: BonForumRobot 10 JSP Taglib:The bonForum Custom Tags 11 XML Data Storage Class: ForestHashtable 12 Online Information Sources...

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  • Based on our observation about the likely relationship among subscriptions, the strategy works as follows. When a subscription reaches a server (either from a client or from another server), the server propagates that subscription only if it defines new selectable notifications that are not in the set of selectable notifications defined by any previously propagated subscription. Three bene- fits accrue from this approach. First, we reduce network costs by pruning the propagation of new subscriptions. Second, we reduce the storage requirements for servers.

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  • In each round, we looked for validation that the notice provided enough of a context, elicited comprehension of its purpose, and allowed for the ability to compare sharing practices. The interviews had two parts, one unstructured and one structured. In the unstructured portion of the interview, we asked participants to talk aloud about what they were reading or looking at and to talk simultaneously about their reactions to each part of the notice.

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  • The American medical regulatory system was established to limit the practice of medicine to qualified practitioners and thereby protect the public from unprofessional, improper, and incompetent individuals. The states exercise their police powers to license only those practitioners who meet minimum standards of education and skill. This regulatory authority is administered by a medical licensing board or other state agency.

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  • If the Evaluation Council requires an HEI to undergo a re-audit of its quality system, the targets that are in essential need of development and will be subject to the re-audit are recorded in the Council’s decision. In the re-audit, the institution is expected to present evidence showing that it has improved its quality system so that the audit targets evaluated in the re-audit as a whole have progressed to at least the level of ‘developing’. Re-audits use the same criteria as the actual audits (see Appendix 1).

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  • At the same time, the majority of users are not ma- licious, and would enable client-side enforcement to avoid exploits such as cross-site scripting andWeb-based worms. Even if only benign users with enhanced clients might perform security enforcement, those users would be protected, and all users would benefit from fewer at- tacks on the Web application. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles to the adop- tion of new, enhanced security mechanisms in popular Web browsers. Even when such enhancements are prac- tical and easy to implement, they may not be deployed widely.

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  • Dairies are required to have an NMP to protect water quality from livestock nutrient discharges. Each basic function of the operation, production, collection, storage, transfer, treatment and field application is covered by the plan. The basis for nutrient management is sound agronomic use of solid and liquid manure. The Livestock Nutrient Management Program has inspectors that routinely inspect dairies for compliance with their nutrient management plans and preventing any discharges to surface and ground water....

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  • More than eight in ten Americans between the ages of 16 and 29 read a book in the past year, and six in ten used their local public library. At the youngest end of the spectrum, high schoolers in their late teens (ages 16-17) and college-aged young adults (ages 18-24) are especially likely to have read a book or used the library in the past 12 months. And although their library usage patterns may often be influenced by the requirements of school assignments, their interest in the possibilities of mobile technology may also point the way toward opportunities of further...

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  • N -gram language models are a major resource bottleneck in machine translation. In this paper, we present several language model implementations that are both highly compact and fast to query. Our fastest implementation is as fast as the widely used SRILM while requiring only 25% of the storage. Our most compact representation can store all 4 billion n-grams and associated counts for the Google n-gram corpus in 23 bits per n-gram, the most compact lossless representation to date, and even more compact than recent lossy compression techniques. ...

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  • Information systems capture, process, and store information using a wide variety of media. This information is not only located on the intended storage media but also on devices used to create, process, or transmit this information. These media may require special disposition in order to mitigate the risk of unauthorized disclosure of information and to ensure its confidentiality.

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