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  • 2004 saw the launch of our first questionnaire this was to communicate and consult on North Tyneside Council’s Community Centres and Customer Services. This has provided us with the foundation to establish an ongoing programme of consultation, a very effective way of getting close to our customers and finding out more about what they want and what they think of our Customer Care. This was followed by an evaluation of what we now know our customers want.

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  • In a beauty contest for companies, the winner is . . . General Electric. Or at least General Electric is the most admired company in America, according to Fortunemagazine’s annual survey. The other top ten finalists are Cisco Systems,Wal- Mart Stores, Southwest Airlines, Microsoft, Home Depot, Berkshire Hathaway, Charles Schwab, Intel, and Dell Computer.What do these companies have that separates them from the rest of the pack?

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  • Contraceptive use accounts for a substantial portion of the variation in observed fertility rates (others include age of marriage, abortion rates, post- partum amenorrhea and abstinence, and occurrence of marital separations). Although there have been dramatic increases in the use of family planning services, unmet need for family planning remains very high in low-prevalence regions.

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  • We have reviewed the high level aims and objectives of our Customer Service Strategy and Service Delivery. Our Strategy details the overriding principles, which govern how we will develop and deliver our services raising awareness of the crucial role customer service plays within our Community Centres. It also lets our customers know how committed we are to customer service

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  • The journey for this book has been the result of a series of events during the past four years. Like many works before ours, it was simply a story whose time had come. The Background In 2004, Executive Development Associates (EDA) conducted its bi-annual survey of Trends in Executive Development.2 More than 100 Fortune 1000 and Global 500 companies responded. The findings identified executive coaching as the fifth most prevalent learning method among 25 possibilities (Table 1).

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  • B2B Content Marketing: 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends is the second annual survey about content marketing in the business-to-business (B2B) space. We surveyed 1,092 marketers from diverse industries and a wide range of company sizes in August 2011. Last year, the results revealed content marketing is a well-established, core marketing strategy in the B2B marketplace. However, while many marketers were using these tactics, they were uncertain about their effectiveness.

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  • The discussion of the properties of relative international prices has been closely tied with a discussion on the nature of the pricing decisions by ¯rms. 5 The observed slow pass-through of exchange rate changes to consumer prices and deviations from the law of one price for traded goods are consistent with prices of imported goods that are sticky in the currency of the consumer (local currency pricing). This pricing mechanism, however, dampens the expenditure-switching e®ect of nominal exchange rate movements.

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  • In addition, the modified IA report contains a clearer description of the key features that distinguish a social investment funds from the wider category of alternative investment funds. In line with the IABs request, the report clarifies that the essential features of a social investment fund are linked to the social undertakings it targets, the composition of its portfolio (at least 70% of investor capital invested in qualifying target undertakings) and the investment tools it employs (equity, quasi-equity, debt instruments but no leverage).

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  • The abolition of the entry load and the revision of trail commission guidelines have taken care of some key issues, but in turn have given rise to other aspects which need to be tackled and resolved. Mandatory disclosure of commission earned: A mandatory disclosure alerts the investor about the extent of distributor gain while putting the onus on the distributor to explain the rationale for the switch.

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  • About NetStrategy/JMC Intranet strategy consultant specialised in complex, large and/ or global intranets American, based in Europe for 25 years Annual Survey & Reports: Global Intranet Trends, Global Intranet Analysis (100 participants worldwide in 2006, 180 in 2007) Publications Co-author of "L’avantage internet pour l’entreprise", Dunod (1996) Co-author of "L'intranet dans tous ses états" IQ Editeur (2004) "International Intranets" columnist (Intranets: Enterprise Strategies & Solutions") KMWorld & Intranets, California - Online Information, London Rencontre internationale des re...

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  • What position do Tanzanian women hold in society? Do they have the same access to education as men? Can they make important decisions about their health care or about the money they earn? Do they have any say in their husbands’ behaviour? he answers to these and other important questions can be found in the results of two recent surveys, the 2004-05 Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey and the 2003-04 Tanzania HIV/ AIDS Indicator Survey. hese surveys provide valuable new information about the status and well-being of women in Tanzania.

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  • The size of the country is matched by a longstanding love affair with cinema which creates the world’s biggest film audience. Even though India was controlled by the British until 1947, this did not prevent the development of ‘industrial’ film production in several Indian cities, so that by the late 1930s an Indian ‘studio system’ was in place.

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  • Investor base: about 70 percent of private bonds were purchased by banks in 2011. Their participation has increased further recently partly because they have faced constraints in expanding consumer loans given increased risk and higher cost in the sector, and therefore have sought alternative higher-yield investment instruments. Liquidity in the secondary market is very limited as many banks tend to hold private bonds until maturity. Retail investors’ participation remains low (see Figure 11). ...

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  • Development of the initiative required investment of the organization’s discretionary funding which would have to be diverted from programmatic support. It was estimated that it would take three years before these efforts produced a meaningful return on investment, if ever. In 2001, PSI granted Roberts and her team limited funding and internal support to launch YouthAIDS. YouthAIDS grew dramatically to become a multi-million dollar education and prevention program.

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  • Our study of nearly 150 organisations iv , of which 70% had PMOs*, showed that, overall, those organisations with PMOs did not have higher project success rates, but somewhat counter- intuitively, they had lower levels of management satisfaction with the level of project performance and value delivered.

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  • The online survey ran from mid August to mid October 2011, targeting16 men and women of all ages from all 22 Arab countries. We received 469 full responses, and 62% of these were from women. At the national level, we highlight three Arab countries—Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE17 —to illustrate similarities and variations between country responses. The typical respondent was aged between 15 and 40 years old, holding at least a bachelor’s degree (with 40% holding master’s degrees).

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  • Tham khảo sách 'center for the digital future annenberg school for communication annual internet survey 2009', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Tham khảo sách '15th annual global ceo survey 2012', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • An “investment adviser” is an individual or firm responsible for making investments on behalf of, and providing advice to, investors. An investment adviser has a duty to act in the best interest of their clients. Sometimes, however, investment advisers will take advantage of their positions of trust and use unauthorized and deceptive methods to misappropriate money directly from their clients. Investors should be careful to review their monthly account statements and to conduct annual reviews of their investment plans with their investment adviser.

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  • Malnutrition is a very serious problem in developing countries. According to Onis et al. (2000) about one third of less than five years old children are stunted in growth. There is evidence that inadequate nutrition in childhood affects long term physical development (Martorell and Habicht, 1986, Barker, 1990), as well as the development of cognitive skills (Brown and Pollitt, 1996 and Balazs et al 1986) and educational attainment (Behrman, 1996, Strauss and Thomas 1995). This in turn affects productivity later in life (Dasgupta 1993, Strauss and Thomas 1998, and Schultz 1999).

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