Anticipatory guidance

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  • Professional intervention within six months after the eruption of the fi rst primary tooth or no later than 12 months of age directed at factors affecting the oral cavity, counseling on oral disease risks, and delivery of anticipatory guidance • Early intervention aimed at preventing or mitigating common pediatric oral diseases and conditions while initiating a relationship between infant, child, family and the pediatric dental caregiver • Primary prevention of dental disease based on timely family education, instruction and motivation for behavioral changes, appropriate fl uorid...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Manual of ambulatory pediatrics" presents the following contents: Well child care (fundamental guidelines, well child visit guidelines and anticipatory guidance, common childrearing concerns).

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  • Similar to the physician studies, nurses described an anticipatory or pre-reflection, occurring before an activity, as central to their practice. They also described reflection both ‘‘in’’ their practice and ‘‘on’’ it. Participants reflected on ethical considerations, on situa- tions that required courage and novel situations requiring creative approaches. They reported guidance and supervision as key to reflection. Teekman (2000) studied ten registered nurses, and analyzed ten non-routine nursing situations for the presence of reflective thinking.

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