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  • This book presents an historical analysis of the role that student political organisations played in the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa. The author examines two black student organisations and analyses their ideologies and organisation as well as the intellectual, political and social factors that shaped their activities.

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  • Drawing on one of the most comprehensive surveys of post-apartheid attitudes to date, and employing innovative conceptual and methodological tools, Gibson’s analysis offers both encouraging and disheartening insights into the success of the truth and reconciliation process. This is a major contribution to the literature on transitional justice and conflict resolution.

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  • We know that the structures of families and of households have changed in recent decades and that this has had a profound affect on public policy planning and service delivery in South Africa. The institution of the family interfaces with other social institutions in any society – it therefore stands to reason that the political, social and economic transformations resulting through colonialism and apartheid in South Africa have affected families and their residential dimension, the household, for all cultural groups.

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  • With the work of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission complete, James L Gibson sets out to test one of its key premises, namely, that truth can facilitate reconciliation and help a nation both to deal with its painful past and to move on to a more democratic future. Drawing on one of the largest and most comprehensive surveys of post-apartheid attitudes to date, and employing innovative conceptual and methodological tools, Gibson’s sophisticated and subtle analysis offers both encouraging and disheartening insights into the success of the truth and reconciliation processs.

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  • Made up of 11 chapters, this authoritative volume explores poverty and labour market issues over the first decade of democracy in South Africa. It is an attempt by leading South African scholars, supplemented by the work of international scholars working on South Africa, to take stock of the first post-apartheid decade, to assess the evolution of poverty, inequality, human needs and unemployment, and to relate this evolution to the policy stances and interventions of the first government elected freely by all South Africans.

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  • Increasing learner access to information and communication technologies (ICT) in the curriculum is strategically important to ensure that school leavers moving into the labour market or into further study have the appropriate background and capacities to succeed, as work and educational environments becoming increasingly information intensive.

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  • First to defy the apartheid laws in the Defiance Campaign, Raymond Mhlaba's life story details how, as a Rivonia treason trialist, he spent over 20 years in prison with Nelson Mandela. He later became the first premier of the Eastern Cape Province and served as Ambassador to Uganda and Rwanda.

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  • Popular belief is that urbanisation has increased substantially in the new South Africa, when, in fact, patterns of internal migration have remained static since the late 1970s. Internal migration patterns have been under-researched since the easing of restrictions in 1990. This study fills the gap drawing on census and other secondary data.

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  • “Hãy để ngày ấy lụi tàn”, tựa tiếng Anh Let the day perish của Gerald Gordon được ra đời năm 1952. Tác phẩm là sự lên án gay gắt cái thiên kiến màu da phi nhân tính tại Nam Phi đã đưa đẩy con người đến bên bờ vực thẳm. Gerald Gordon khơi gợi niềm thương cảm sâu sắc của mỗi người đọc dành cho những nạn nhân của chế độ Apartheid.

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  • 1. Bất Khuất Những bộ phim thuộc dạng inspirational (truyền cảm hứng) hoặc motivational (lên tinh thần) thường nói về chính trị hoặc thể thao. Invictus (tựa tiếng Việt: Bất Khuất) của đạo diễn kỳ cựu Clint Eastwood có cả 2 yếu tố đó. Câu chuyện diễn ra vào năm 1990 khi ông Nelson Mandela, nạn nhân của chế độ Apartheid tại Nam Phi được trả tự do.

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  • Martin J Murray is Professor of Sociology at the State University of New York in Binghamton. He is the author of numerous books, including The development of capitalism in colonial Indochina (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press 1980), South Africa: time of agony, time of destiny (London and New York: Verso 1987), and Revolution deferred: the painful birth of post-apartheid South Africa (London and New York: Verso 1995).

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  • Few among us can claim to have shaped the course of world history. M. Cherif Bassiouni, however, is just such a man. Often referred to as the “father” of modern international criminal law, his fingerprints are upon every major international criminal law instrument of the past 45 years including the Apartheid Convention, the Torture Convention, and the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court. An extraordinarily prolific scholar, Bassiouni has written and edited 72 books on Extradition Law, International and Comparative Criminal Law, International Human Rights, and U.S.

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  • This profound and deeply compassionate study aims to reach into the complexities of political violence in South Africa between 1960 and 1994, and to expand our understanding of the patterns of conflict that almost drew South Africans into a vortex of total disintegration during the apartheid era.

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  • Recommended reading for all higher education practitioners, this book examines the development of post-apartheid policies in higher education and training and science and technology. The author explores the massification, democratisation and commercialisation of higher education world-wide and considers the influence of the 'Mode Two' knowledge debate on South African tertiary institutions.

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  • This, the third book in a trilogy studying transformation in post-apartheid South Africa, follows on two studies published in 2000: Infrastructure Mandates for Change and Empowerment through Service Delivery. This volume, with the help of 15 case studies, assesses the prospects for empowerment through economic transformation in South Africa.

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  • the patterns of poverty and inequality that the first democratically elected government of South Africa had to address and also delves into the welfare sector, first under apartheid, and then the move towards developmental social welfare. Through this work, Lund allows readers to understand the transformation from traditional and discriminatory welfare under apartheid, to the more progressive and developmental social welfare system to emerge in South Africa.

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  • This is the story of one man’s single-minded, unremitting, always creative, campaign to provide material support to South Africa’s liberation struggle, assisting leaders like Nelson Mandela and ordinary township and rural activists, as well as families who suffered because their loved ones were political prisoners, had fled into exile or been killed by the apartheid regime.

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  • Gender Equity in South African Education 1994 - 2004 will provide readers with an overview of the progress of achieving gender equity in post-apartheid South African education. The book brings together the leading South African and international experts on gender equity in education. The papers presented at the conference, included here as chapters of the book, are all substantial contributions. They cast light, from many angles, on the different dimensions and needs in research and social action related to gender in education....

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  • Then again, morality begins at home. Just as the post-war German soldier was taught to obey inner fruehling, his own internal morality which must justify his disobeying manifestly illegal orders, any politician needs her own moral compass. Faced by the trap, the answer must be no. Shake the head, not the tempter’s hand. Nevertheless, power sharing inevitably involves trust, even in dangerous precincts. Dieter Gerhard, the spy in the Apartheid navy, 25 taught the present writer while in prison: “Trust your granny, after she is dead. Trust no-one else.

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  • South Africa's dramatic political transition was accompanied by an equally dramatic legal revolution.1 This legal revolution witnessed the demise of a tradition of parliamentary sovereignty and its replacement with a supreme Constitution, a Constitutional Court and broad political support for democratic constitutionalism.

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