Application of electrostatics

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  • Electrokinetics is a subject that has been at the core of numerous fundamental advancements in the field of colloid science for over a century. Electrokinetics is a self-contained body of science that has led to spectacular applications in separations, characterization of surface properties, manipulation of colloidal materials, and facilitation of fluid transport in microchannels. For instance, electrophoresis is one of the common techniques for separation of biological macromolecules (such as proteins).

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  • In the fourth chapter of this section, the authors present a modification of the Crank- Nicholson scheme for two-dimensional fluid mechanical, heat and mass transfer problems. The modification divides the nodal points into groups of four. The method is applicable to parallel computing, which is increasing in importance as problems become more computationally intensive. Computational experiments demonstrate improved convergence rates over previous methods.

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  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) have played an increasingly important role in sensor and actuator applications. And its key contribution is that it has enabled the integration of multi-components (i.e., electronics, mechanics, fluidics and etc) on a single chip and their integration has positive effects upon performance, reliability and cost. Compared to conventional electrostatic, thermal or magnetic actuating schemes, piezoelectric MEMS inkjet has the advantages of lower power consumption, lower voltage operation and relatively larger driving force....

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  • Jun Zeng and Tom Korsmeyer Coventor, Inc. The Programmable Fluid Processor (PFP), currently under development at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, will have applications in disease screening, environmental monitoring, and battlefield detection of biochemical agents [1]. In this device, an electrostatic field exerts forces on dielectric droplets suspended in an immiscible insulating liquid medium. This phenomenon is known as dielectrophoresis (DEP).

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