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  • The problem of reconciling environmental protection with economic and social viability was a key concern of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, in 1992. The Conference, known as the Earth Summit, led to the establishment of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development. The Commission is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Conference programme of action, Agenda 21, at the local, national, regional and international levels.

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  • In an effort to highlight these problems and provide concrete steps toward change, the National Latina Institute for Repro- ductive Health (NLIRH) proudly presents the National Latina Agenda for Reproductive Justice (Agenda). The first part of the Agenda provides an analysis of the most salient reproductive health and rights issues impacting Latinas, followed by a set of policy recommendations and action strategies to address Latinas’ specific reproductive health needs.

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  • A key component of the strategy is the CGA, a country-level gender analysis that identifies critical areas in which gender-respon- sive actions are likely to enhance growth, poverty reduction, and well-being in a particular country context. Country Directors will ensure the completion of these assessments in a timely manner in countries with an active lending program (and in which an assess- ment has yet to be conducted). In line with the ongoing reform of the Bank’s analytical work, the methods for carrying out these assess- ments will be flexible.

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  • Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it” and I have taken these words to heart. Starting your own business as a FSO family member is a great experience and the at your embassy can help you make your dreams a reality too. A big heartfelt thanks goes out to all GEI coordinators. Loretta Dusini served as my coach, counselor and confidant; so that I could go on to make my overseas experience, the best experience ever! EFM, Occupational Therapist, San Salvador One day I happened to go by the CLO office...

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  • A number of countries have used the results of recent surveys of medicine prices and availability to inform and guide policy action to improve access to medicines. Examples include: China: The Chinese Government intends to limit the price of branded generics to not much higher than unbranded generics, simplify the public sector medicine supply system, establish a national pooled tendering procurement system and abolish mark-ups in the public sector.

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  • .Click to edit Master title style Instructor Truong Dinh Chau, Ph.D Department of Automation & Control, Automation Design Center, 109 B3 Ho Chi Minh City Univ. of Tech. Cell phone: +84 (0)91-543-74-40 Email: .

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  • To enhance learning (RL) is a branch en ot the foundation cial intelligence and has been one of the central themes in a wide range of scientifi c fi elds final two decades. Understanding of the RL is expected to provide a systematic understanding the adaptive behaviors, including simple things of classical and operant animal as well as all acts of social and economic complexity of the human is designed to ts maximize the effect, and also very helpful in learning computer and robot. RL aims to fi nd mapping from situations to appropriate actions, in which a reward is maxi- mized....

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  • This book presents biologically inspired walking machines interacting with their physical environment. It describes how the designs of the morphology and the behavior control of walking machines can benefit from biological studies.

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  • We report the results of experiments on economic decisions with two populations, one of healthy elderly individuals (average age 82) and one of younger students (average age 20). We examine confidence, decisions under uncertainty, differences between willingness to pay and willingness to accept and the theory of mind (strategic thinking). Our findings indicate that the older adults’ decision behavior is similar to that of young adults, contrary to the notion that economic decision making is impaired with age.

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  • In the CRSP data set, different classes of the same fund appear as different funds. We identify the classes that belong to the same fund and obtain fund-level information by averaging (weighting the classes by total net assets) the class-level data provided by CRSP. We also exclude index funds from our sample. Since the index identifier in CRSP is only available as of 2003, we use funds' names to determine whether they are index funds or not. For SRI funds, we double-check the classification manually to make sure that we do not unnecessarily delete SRI funds from the sample. We...

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  • Leads others to achieve something significant. Motivates others to deliver results. Provides constructive feedback. Responsibly challenges barriers to the work. Takes appropriate action to solve the problem. Prefers to take responsibility for group projects. Inspires others to follow new directions. Sets demanding goals and a strategy for meeting them. Demonstrates the ability to learn and apply complex skills. Works quickly and accurately. Gathers and integrates information from a variety of sources to better understand key issues. Consistently makes good decisions.

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  • E-mail and the Internet now make day to day to communication easier to organise, but distance makes it even more important to have a clear action plan with proper phases; to plan meetings carefully; to specify deliverables and to keep to them; to be clear from the outset about how outcomes will be assessed. Conference telephone calls, internet chat rooms, project focus groups are all good ways of improving communications.

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  • This article will discuss the interweaving of that erotic pleasure in film, its meaning, and in particular the central place of the image of woman. It is said that analysing pleasure, or beauty, destroys it. That is the intention of this article. The satisfaction and reinforcement of the ego that represent the high point of film history hitherto must be attacked. Not in favour of a reconstructed new pleasure, which cannot exist in the abstract, nor of intellectualised unpleasure, but to make way for a total negation of the ease and plenitude of the narrative fiction film.

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  • Organic milk production systems rely on ecologically based practices that virtually prohibit the use of antibiotics and hormones in the cow herd and the use of synthetic chemicals in the production of cattle feed. Organic milk production systems also attempt to accommodate the animals’ natural nutritional and behavioral requirements, for example ensuring that dairy cows have access to pasture (Greene and Kremen).

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  • The OMA recognized the need to explore not only the direct health effects of air pollution but also the need to understand the associated economic ramifications for the provincial health care system as well as for Ontario more generally. To this end, a feasibility study was undertaken, the purpose of which was to determine how best to develop appropriate estimates of the economic damages relating to air pollution-induced illnesses (42).

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  • All information set forth in this release and its attachments is as of April 7, 2004. Yahoo! undertakes no duty to update this information. More information about potential factors that could af fect the Company's business and financial results is included in the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2003, including (without limitation) under the captions, "Risk Factors" and "Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations," which is on file with the SEC and available at the SEC's website at www.sec.

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  • The chosen gait of the one-humped camel on free range is a leisurely but almost a continuous walk. When walking the camel covers about 4 km/hour. They have often been tracked to cover 50 km during a day’s feeding, but 30 km is very common. Very young camels exhibit vigorous, spontaneous play, including some running and jumping. By 2 to 3 weeks age they are involved in playgroups similar to those formed by lambs, kids and buffalo/cow calves. These groups remain almost together between feeds. Mature camels will hasten towards a feed supply, usually at a jog, but...

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  • from the plan, generates alerts to call for action, promotes proactive recommendations for alert resolution, and provides a dynamic user interface to enable the business to respond appropriately. To provide these types of BPM solutions, however, requires a vendor to marshal resources and expertise spanning the broadest imaginable range of business and IT disciplines. IBM is uniquely qualified to do this, owing to the scope of its software portfolio, business and IT services, and industry sector practices.

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  • There is mixed opinion on the likelihood of continued long-term increase in life expectancy. Most demographers including Vaupel and Lee (44, 45, 62) are optimistic about continued increases in life expectancy and decreases in mortality among older persons. Olshansky (63) has been a promoter of the idea that future increases will be minimal.

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  • There is also considerable scope for a South-South exchange of good prac- tice. Again, when done right, larger-scale farming can provide opportunities for poor countries with large agricultural sectors and ample endowments of land. To make the most of these opportunities, however, countries will need to bet- ter secure local land rights and improve land governance. Adopting an open and proactive approach to dealing with investors is also needed to ensure that investment contributes to broader development objectives.

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