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  • A series of commercially manufactured medium density fiberboard (MDF) panels were exposed to a post-manufacture heat-treatment at various temperatures and durations using a hot press and just enough pressure to ensure firm contact between the panel and the press platens. Postmanufacture heat-treatment improved surface roughness of the exterior MDF panels. Panels treated at 225C for 30 min had the smoothest surface while the roughest surface was found for the control panels.

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  • Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo nội dung bài viết "Ứng dụng phương pháp Bond để điều chỉnh các thông số khoan nổ mìn phục vụ đắp đập chính công trình thuỷ lợi Cửa Đạt, Thanh Hoá" dưới đây để nắm bắt được phương trình lý thuyết thứ ba của Bond, qui trình ứng dụng phương pháp Bond để điều chỉnh cấp phối đá, đặc điểm mỏ đá 9A,...

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  • Trong bài viết này, pha tĩnh pha đảo được tổng hợp theo phương pháp mới bằng cách acyl hóa các nhóm amino đã gắn trên bề mặt silica bằng tác chất stearoyl chloride. Các điều kiện phản ứng được tối ưu sao cho phần trăm cacbon của sản phẩm nằm trong khoảng trung bình so với các sản phẩm trên thị trường. Hàm lượng 3-aminopropylsilane và stearoyl chloride đều cần dùng với lượng dư để đạt được sản phẩm mong muốn.

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  • Chương trình Giảng dạy Kinh tế Fulbright MPP4, 2011-2013 Phân tích tài chính Bài 7 & 8: Trái phiếu Bài 7 & 8: Định giá trái phiếu Phân tích Tài chính Học kỳ Xuân Năm 2012 Đặc điểm chính của một trái phiếu Trái phiếu (bond) là một chứng khoán kỳ hạn từ 1 năm trở lên trong đó chứng nhận người vay nợ một khoản tiền được xác định cụ thể cùng với các điều khoản liên quan tới việc hoàn trả khoản tiền này và lãi trong tương lai.

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  • Biopolymers are polymers produced by living organisms. Cellulose, starch, chitin, proteins, peptides, DNA and RNA are all examples of biopolymers. This book comprehensively reviews and compiles information on biopolymers in 30 chapters. The book covers occurrence, synthesis, isolation and production, properties and applications, modification, and the relevant analysis methods to reveal the structures and properties of some biopolymers.

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  • The book "Developments in Electrochemistry" contains five feature articles in recent advanced electrochemistry. These selected feature articles emphasize physical phenomena rather than mathematical formalisms of electrochemistry.

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  • Two chemical treatments were applied to jute fibers to create a better bonding of fiber to resin in natural composite materials. The jute fibers have been treated with hydroxide potassium (KOH) and a bleaching agent, canxi hypochlorite (Ca(OCl)2.4H2O), in varying periods. Characterization techniques such as FT-IR, SEM were used to evaluate the effect of chemical treatments on fiber structure. After treatment the surface topography of jute was clean and microfibrils were revealed, these lead to an enhancement in mechanical properties and interfacial strength between jute fiber and PP.

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  • With an indexed bond, the interest and maturity value are adjusted by the rate of inflation over the life of the bond. Because the cash flow of an indexed bond is adjusted for inflation, the bond’s real value does not vary with inflation, protecting investors and issuers alike from inflation risk. Inflation indexed bonds would be a fundamental innovation in U.S. financial markets, providing benefits to investors, the Treasury, and policymakers. Despite the potential benefits, the U.S. Treasury has never issued indexed bonds.

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  • Một trong những hình tượng lãng mạn trong văn học thế kỷ 20 là hình tượng gián điệp: dũng cảm, hiểu biết, một kẻ nổi loạn sống theo các quy định riêng của mình, thậm chí nếu trên danh nghĩa là đang phụng sự cho một chính quyền. James Bond là hình tượng nổi bật nhất về hình ảnh này, nhưng những tình báo bí mật mệt mỏi vì phải di chuyển trên khắp thế giới trong những bài thơ của W. H.

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  • The complex of Terbium with L. Tryptophan have been isolated in solid state. The complex has the formula H3[Tb(Trp)3(NO3)3].3H2O. This complex reveal that L. Tryptophan atcs as a neutral bidentate ligan towards Tb(III) ion at the presence of nitrate ion with utilizing amino nitrogen and carboxyloxygen for bonding.

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  • The Elastomeric Alloy (EA) materials based on polypropylene (PP) and Vietnam waste Rubber Powder (RP) has been prepared in internal mixer of Haake in melting state with peroxide initiator. Dynamically stabilizing process at presence of radical donor and acceptor systems has leaded to form chemical bonds on the surface between two phases of surspending rubber powder and PP matrix and then to form intermediate phase surrounding Rubber Particles and making EA higher dense than that of materials by simple mixing RP and PP without networking.

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  • The complexes of acidic quinine solution with acidic solutions of sulfate-salts of Fe, Zn and Ce have been synthesized. Bonds of Fe-O, Zn-O and Ce-O were formed via the hydroxyl oxygen atom with a preservation of hydrogen bond and have been proved by the infrared spectroscopy.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article A Variational Inequality from Pricing Convertible Bond

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  • This article reviews the current status of the market for catastrophic risk (CAT) bonds and other risk-linked securities. CAT bonds and other risk-linked securities are innovative financial vehicles that have an important role to play in financing mega-catastrophes and other types of losses. The vehicles are especially important because they access capital markets directly, exponentially expanding risk-bearing capacity beyond the limited capital held by insurers and reinsurers.

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  • This article examines the pricing of catastrophe risk bonds. Catastrophe risk cannot be hedged by traditional securities. Therefore, the pricing of catastrophe risk bonds requires an incomplete markets setting, and this creates special difficulties in the pricing methodology. The authors briefly discuss the theory of equilibrium pricing and its relationship to the standard arbitrage-free valuation framework. Equilibrium pricing theory is used to develop a pricing method based on a model of the term structure of interest rates and a probability structure for the catastrophe risk.

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  • The complexes of some rare earths with DL-2-amino-n-butyric acid were synthesized. The solid complexes have the general formula [Ln(Hbu)4]Cl3 [Ln: Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd and Hbu: CH3CH2CHNH2COOH]. The structure of the complexes have been recognised by the basic of elemental analysis, conductivity measurements, IR spectra and thermal analysis methods. It was found that the DL-2-amino-n-buryic acid utilized amino nitrogen and carboxyl oxygen for bonding.

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  • In the present article, we address the question that how important role do the Quantum Mechanic (QM) and Molecular Mechanics (MM) forces play in ligand docking on protein, via the use semi-quantum relaxation approach (SQRA) using different forces, e.g. quantum, Van der Waals and Coulomb ones, in the process of ligand - protein docking. The QM approximation is applied to calculate the QM forces of neighbor protein-atoms acting on ligands. The L-J 6-12 empirical potential model and Coulomb rule are applied to calculate the forces from the rest protein-atoms on each ligand - atom.

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  • Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) studies showed the changes in a relative intensity of stretching vibrations of the PANI and PANI-Ni films, in a band of 1480 and 1590 cm-1 , as well as those in a band of 1200 and 1350 cm-1 , and evidenced the conversion of quinoid form of PANI to bipolaron structure, and finally to the more delocalized polaronic sites during protonation. This also shows that nickel-nanoclusters play a role as a source supplying protons to promote the protonation, giving a change in population of quinoid and aromatic forms of PANI, and increasing a number of NH bond.

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  • The mass spectra of some azomethines of 5-amino-2-phnylindole have been recorded and their structures have been elucidated. The general fragmentations of these azomethines in mass spectra were suggested and discussed. It has shown that the main direction of fragmentation was the cleavage of C–N bond between indole ring and azomethine bond –CH=N– lead to form fragment ion at m/z 192 (direction A).

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  • The complex of praseodymium with L. Tryptophan have been isolatel in solid state. The complex has the formula H3[Pr(Trp)3(NO3)3].2H2O. This complex reveal that L. Tryptophan acts as a neutral bidentate ligand towards Pr(III) ion at the presence of nitrate ion with utilizing amino nitrogen and carboxyloxygen for bonding.

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