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  • In this demo, we present SciSumm, an interactive multi-document summarization system for scientific articles. The document collection to be summarized is a list of papers cited together within the same source article, otherwise known as a co-citation. At the heart of the approach is a topic based clustering of fragments extracted from each article based on queries generated from the context surrounding the co-cited list of papers.

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  • This paper describes methods for relating (threading) multiple newspaper articles, and for visualizing various characteristics of them by using a directed graph. A set of articles is represented by a set of word vectors, and the similarity between the vectors is then calculated. The graph is constructed from the similarity matrix. By applying some constraints on the chronological ordering of articles, an efficient threading algorithm that runs in O(n) time (where n is the number of articles) is obtained. ...

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  • Research on a non-statistical scheme for the insertion of English articles in machine-translated Russian is described. Ideal article insertion as a goal is challenged as unreasonable. Classification of English nouns, simple syntactic criteria, and multiple printout are the scheme's main features.

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  • We present disputant relation-based method for classifying news articles on contentious issues. We observe that the disputants of a contention are an important feature for understanding the discourse. It performs unsupervised classification on news articles based on disputant relations, and helps readers intuitively view the articles through the opponent-based frame.

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  • We describe the semantic enrichment of journal articles with chemical structures and biomedical ontology terms using Oscar, a program for chemical named entity recognition (NER). We describe how Oscar works and how it can been adapted for general NER. We discuss its implementation in a real publishing workflow and possible applications for enriched articles.

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  • We have aligned Japanese and English news articles and sentences to make a large parallel corpus. We first used a method based on cross-language information retrieval (CLIR) to align the Japanese and English articles and then used a method based on dynamic programming (DP) matching to align the Japanese and English sentences in these articles. However, the results included many incorrect alignments.

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  • For this purpose, we describe a method for aligning articles in TV newscasts and newspapers. In order to align articles, the alignment system uses words extracted from telops in TV newscasts. The recall and the precision of the alignment process are 97% and 89%, respectively. In addition, using the results of the alignment process, we develop a browsing and retrieval system for articles in TV newscasts and newspapers.

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  • In this paper, we propose an annotation schema for the discourse analysis of Wikipedia Talk pages aimed at the coordination efforts for article improvement. We apply the annotation schema to a corpus of 100 Talk pages from the Simple English Wikipedia and make the resulting dataset freely available for download1 . Furthermore, we perform automatic dialog act classification on Wikipedia discussions and achieve an average F1 -score of 0.82 with our classification pipeline.

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  • For an 8,300-word sample of English text we have found that it is possible to provide at least an acceptable article for more than 90 per cent of the noun occurrences at a "cost" of providing a dual article for half of the occurrences.

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  • In this paper, we propose an approach for identifying curatable articles from a large document set. This system considers three parts of an article (title and abstract, MeSH terms, and captions) as its three individual representations and utilizes two domain-specific resources (UMLS and a tumor name list) to reveal the deep knowledge contained in the article. An SVM classifier is trained and cross-validation is employed to find the best combination of representations. The experimental results show overall high performance. ...

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  • This paper addresses the problem of extracting the most important facts from a news article. Our approach uses syntactic, semantic, and general statistical features to identify the most important sentences in a document. The importance of the individual features is estimated using generalized iterative scaling methods trained on an annotated newswire corpus.

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  • Mạo từ là từ dùng trước danh từ và cho biết danh từ ấy đề cập đến một đối tượng xác định hay không xác định. Chúng ta dùng "the" khi danh từ chỉ đối tượng được cả người nói lẫn người nghe biết rõ đối tượng nào đó.

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  • 1 Grammar English MẠO TỪ (Articles) 1 Định nghĩa: Mạo từ là từ dùng trước danh từ và cho biết danh từ ấy đề cập đến một đối tượng xác định hay không xác định. Chúng ta dùng "the" khi danh từ chỉ đối tượng được cả người nói lẫn người nghe biết rõ đối tượng nào đó.

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  • Hình thức của Mạo từ xác định (Definite Article) The dùng cho cả danh từ đếm được (số ít lẫn số nhiều) và danh từ không đếm được. Ví dụ: - The truth (sự thật) - The time (thời gian) - The bicycle (một chiếc xe đạp) - The bicycles (những chiếc xe đạp) Dùng mạo từ xác định 1/ Khi vật thể hay nhóm vật thể là duy nhất hoặc được xem là duy nhất Ví dụ: - The sun (mặt trời); the sea (biển cả) - The world (thế giới); the earth (quả đất) 2/ Trước một danh...

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  • Writing Scientific Research Articles is designed for early-career researchers in the sciences: those who are relatively new to the task of writing their research results as a manuscript for submission to an international refereed journal, and those who want to develop their skills for doing this more efficiently and successfully. All scientists are faced with pressure to publish their results in prestigious journals and all face challenges when trying to write and publish. This book takes a practical approach to developing scientists’ skills in three key areas necessary for success:...

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  • Mạo từ bất định (Indefinite Article) .Ở bài viết trước, chúng tôi đã gửi tới các bạn cách dùng của Mạo từ xác định trong tiếng Anh. Hôm nay, chúng mình cùng nhau tìm hiểu tiếp cách dùng của Mạo từ bất định nhé!

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  • Getting Started with Photoshop Article of Photoshop, right? Of course you have — you wouldn’t be reading this book otherwise! You’ve probably heard of Photoshop’s sidekick, Fireworks, too, but you might not be quite sure of what it does or where it fits in. Photoshop and Fireworks are two of the most commonly used tools in the web designer’s arsenal. From the preparation of initial design comps to generating optimized graphics for a web page, most web designers rely heavily on these two programs.

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  • In this paper, we investigate an approach for creating a comprehensive textual overview of a subject composed of information drawn from the Internet. We use the high-level structure of human-authored texts to automatically induce a domainspecific template for the topic structure of a new overview. The algorithmic innovation of our work is a method to learn topicspecific extractors for content selection jointly for the entire template.

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  • The article shows the result of some surveys and research around how employees felt and behaved in job’s situations they were placed in, especially, when they were not in a good mood.The analysis has pointed out thatemployee engagement might seem like a frill in a downturn economy;it could make a big difference in a company’s survival, however.In a 2010 study, James K.

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  • In order to build robust automatic abstracting systems, there is a need for better training resources than are currently available. In this paper, we introduce an annotation scheme for scientific articles which can be used to build such a resource in a consistent way. The seven categories of the scheme are based on rhetorical moves of argumentation. Our experimental results show that the scheme is stable, reproducible and intuitive to use.

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