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  • As Brown states, anthropometric grids were commonly used in 19th Century ethnographic photography to make objective studies of non-western bodies: highlighting physical differences which had grown to signify a lack of civilization to the western eye. Grids were particularly useful in this way as they gave photographic work the 'aesthetic of science - dispassionate, orderly, coherent' (Solnit, 2003, p195) which helped boost the truth-value of the photograph, and therefore helped inscribe racial.

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  • The late invasion of Virginia by Capt. John Brown and his company has, with all its concomitant circumstances, excited more attention and aroused a more thorough spirit of inquiry on the subject of slavery, than was ever before known. As this is pre-eminently a moral question, and as there is no neutral ground in morals, all intelligent men must ultimately take sides. Every such man must either cherish and defend slavery, or oppose and condemn it, and his vote, if he is an honest man, must accord with his belief. On a question of so momentous importance, "Silence is crime.

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  • There are two essentially different ways of specifying a set. One can give a rule by which it can be determined whether or not a given object is a member of the set, or one can give a complete list of the elements in the set. We shall say that the former is a description of the set and the latter is a listing of the set. For example, we can define a set of four people as (a) the members of the string quartet which played in town last night, or (b) four particular persons whose names are Jones, Smith, Brown, and Green. It is customary...

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  • We investigate the potential of Tree Substitution Grammars as a source of features for native language detection, the task of inferring an author’s native language from text in a different language. We compare two state of the art methods for Tree Substitution Grammar induction and show that features from both methods outperform previous state of the art results at native language detection.

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  • The Thorn Birds is a 1977 best-selling novel by Colleen McCullough, an Australian author. In 1983 it was adapted as a television mini-series that, during its television run March 27-30, became the United States' second highest rated mini-series of all time behind Roots; both series were produced by television veteran David L. Wolper. The mini-series starred Richard Chamberlain, Rachel Ward, Barbara Stanwyck, Christopher Plummer, Bryan Brown, Mare Winningham, Philip Anglim, and Jean Simmons. It was directed by Daryl Duke....

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  • The Family Health Survey sampling frame consists of all Wisconsin households with a working landline telephone. In 2008, the sample design for selecting telephone numbers for the survey divided the state into eight sample strata, seven of which were defined geographically. Five strata were comprised of regional county groupings and two strata were defined as Dane and Brown counties. Telephone area code/prefix combinations from these seven strata were randomly sampled at varying rates, designed to provide a useable sample for several parts of the state.

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  • If we take an existing supervised NLP system, a simple and general way to improve accuracy is to use unsupervised word representations as extra word features. We evaluate Brown clusters, Collobert and Weston (2008) embeddings, and HLBL (Mnih & Hinton, 2009) embeddings of words on both NER and chunking. We use near state-of-the-art supervised baselines, and find that each of the three word representations improves the accuracy of these baselines.

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  • In other European countries such as Hungary and Latvia, this indirect cross-border credit was even more important in the run-up to the crisis. Much of this reflected the (interoffice) channelling of funds by foreign banks outside these countries to their subsidiaries in these countries (left-hand panels, dashed brown line), which in turn extended foreign currency loans to residents (right-hand panels).

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  • The following monograph is the outgrowth of three earlier and shorter essays. The first, "Church and State in Connecticut to 1818," was presented to Yale University as a doctor's thesis. The second, a briefer and more popularly written article, won the Straus prize offered in 1896 through Brown University by the Hon. Oscar S. Straus. The third, a paper containing additional matter, was so far approved by the American Historical Association as to receive honorable mention in the Justin Winsor prize competition of 1901....

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