Assembly constraints

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  • Instead of assembling a new MBA program from existing courses, we chose to first develop a concep- tual foundation that tries to integrate these components based on a common vision and a common set of methods and models. Parallel to the ‘Enterprise Engineer’ approach by Martin (1995), Business Engi- neering was been proposed initially in the mid 1990s as a holistic methodology for the conceptualiza- tion, design, and implementation of IT-enabled business transformation.

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  • We found that NOP officials did not assemble a peer review panel to annually evaluate their accreditation procedures. NOP regulations require the AMS Administrator to establish a peer review panel pursuant to the Federal Advisory Committee Act8 (FACA) to complete this evaluation. NOP officials attributed this inaction to budget constraints and the difficulties in forming a panel each year. NOP officials did not request a waiver from the Administrator or additional funding to form a panel.

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  • Ambiguous propositions are analyzed in a type system where disambiguation is effected during assembly (i.e. by coercion). Ambiguity is introduced through a layer of types that are underspecified relative to a pre-existing collection of dependent types, construed as unambiguous propositions. A simple system of reasoning directly with such underspecification is described, and shown to be sound and complete for the full range of disambiguations. Beyond erasing types, the system supports constraints on disambiguations, including co-variation. ...

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