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  • To put the odds ratios of these genetic markers in context, let’s consider the effect size of the above mentioned environmental risk factors that physicians currently use to assess patients’ likelihood of myocardial infarction. The effect size of the genetic markers 9p21 and MTHFD1L equals or surpasses the effect size of most of the currently recognized medical risk factors -- an insight which many physicians may find illuminating.

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  • Acute Care Settings Acute care settings, anorexia, various diseases, test procedures, and medications can compromise dietary intake. Under such circumstances, the goal is to identify and avoid inadequate intake and ensure appropriate alimentation. Dietary assessment focuses on what patients are currently eating, whether they are able and willing to eat, and whether they experience any problems with eating. Dietary intake assessment is based on information from observed intakes; medical record; history; clinical examination; and anthropometric, biochemical, and functional status.

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  • We first examine whether the likelihood of acquisition affects the firm’s decision to split, after controlling for price run-ups and other factors that may influence a firm’s stock-split decision. Acquiring firms and their industry-size-price matching firms are pooled for all regressions. 9 We run probit regressions of the split dummy variable (equals one if there is a stock split from month −6tomonth −1, and zero otherwise) on the M&A dummy variable (equals one if the firm is an acquirer, and zero otherwise) and other control variables.

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  • Simple, nonmedical terms should be used in explanations to the patient. Health care workers should be specific about the behaviors expected from the patient. For example, it is much more helpful to say, “This pill will help you get better,” than to say, “This drug, isoniazid, is a bactericidal agent that is highly active against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.” Using words that are familiar to patients can make the information relevant to them, therefore increasing the likelihood that the patient will comply with the prescribed treatment regimen. ...

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  • Approach to the Patient: Anemia The evaluation of the patient with anemia requires a careful history and physical examination. Nutritional history related to drugs or alcohol intake and family history of anemia should always be assessed. Certain geographic backgrounds and ethnic origins are associated with an increased likelihood of an inherited disorder of the hemoglobin molecule or intermediary metabolism.

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