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  • This chapter reviews some of the basic magnitudes of solar radiation and some of the basics of PSpice. A brief description of a photovoltaic system is followed by definitions of spectral irradiance, irradiance and solar radiation. Basic commands and syntax of the sentences most commonly used in this book are shortly summarized and used to write PSpice files for the AM1 SG and AM0 sun spectra, which are used to plot the values of the spectral irradiance as a function of the wavelength and compare them with a black body radiation.

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  • Figure 3-4. A multidimensional array simulated with matchboxes three more arrays, as in Example 3-5, in which the array is set up with a game already in progress. Example 3-5. Defining a two-dimensional array Once again, we’ve moved up a step in complexity, but it’s easy to understand if you grasp the basic array syntax. There are three array() constructs nested inside the outer array() construct.

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  • Chapter 3 is concerned with the operating system interfaces that users (or at least programmers) actually see: control cards and system calls. The treatment is somewhat vague since more detail requires picking a specific system to discuss. This chapter is best supplemented with exactly this detail for the specific system the students have at hand. They should study the control card (or command) semantics and syntax; ideally they should study the system calls and write some programs making system calls.

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