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  • Make up is only done during school year or ... All make up has to be completed before athlete can participate in an athletic event...Under the Provisions of House Bill 72 an athlete mút maintain a 70 average in all classes to be ...

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  • Occupation cluster analysis helps identify the fastest growing occupations within the region. Here is an example from one region in Indiana (Economic Growth Region 11). This region is a center for riverboat gaming. The data show how the growth of this business sector has created new demands for different occupations. Table 3 helps quickly identify those occupations with the strongest percentage change and the largest increase in the number of jobs from 2001 to 2007.

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  • Official’s blocks and paddles shall be utilized on each mat. An announcer and assistant announcer shall be utilized. Contestants shall be directed by the announcer to report directly to a specific mat. The announcer should read the age division and weight class first, next the names of the athletes and their state/club, then the mat number, and finally the names and mat number should be repeated. It is suggested that if semi-finals are conducted, they shall be run in flights by weight class following the conclusion of all pool finals. Medal matches shall be run in...

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  • When we sat down to design ‘‘the one sports medicine textbook’’ for graduating family medicine residents and all sports fellows, we really did not imagine creating something 650 pages long. Sports medicine seemed a relatively simple thing, just muscles and bones and people hurting themselves. But as we tried to compile a single text describing the philosophy, examinations, treatments, procedures, and special considerations inherent in our daily practice, we soon gained a firsthand appreciation for how big the field is and how long it takes to walk across it....

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  • It is difficult to pick out a single moment that defines an outstanding athlete’s career. Out of a lifetime filled with high points, choosing the best is, at best, a risky proposition. Sometimes, though, one single event summarizes everything that is great about an athlete. For Joe Montana, considered by many to be the greatest quarterback in football history, that time may have been in the closing minutes of the National Football Conference (NFC) Championship Game on January 10, 1982.

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