Atlas of skeletal muscles

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  • The 7th edition includes changes reflecting modern understanding, terminology and teaching of the musculoskeletal system. There are changes on 42 different pages including many new or enhanced notes on function and 20 new descriptions or explanations of anatomical relationships. All muscle illustrations are new.

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  • Drugs Acting on the Sympathetic Nervous System of the sympathetic division can be considered a means by which the body achieves a state of maximal work capacity as required in fight or flight situations. In both cases, there is a need for vigorous activity of skeletal musculature. To ensure adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients, blood flow in skeletal muscle is increased; cardiac rate and contractility are enhanced, resulting in a larger blood volume being pumped into the circulation. Narrowing of splanchnic blood vessels diverts blood into vascular beds in muscle.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Atlas of histopathology" presents the following contents: The male genital system, female reproductive system, breast, the endocrine system, the skin, bones, joints and soft tissues, skeletal muscles, central nervous system.

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