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  • I submit this volume to the public in the hope that it may increase the amount of interest usually shown in Australian History by deepening the general knowledge of the subject, and illustrating it by those vivid details which arrest the attention and enable the student to visualize past events. The number of events described in a Source Book must necessarily be smaller than that in histories of another type; but the aim is to place the student in contact with the evidence of history in order that he may become his own historian by drawing his own deductions...

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  • Of the many books which have been published on subjects relating to Australia and Australian History, I am not aware of any, since my late friend, Mr. R. H. Major's introduction to his valuable work, "Early Voyages to Terra Australis," which has attempted a systematic investigation into the earliest discoveries of the great Southern Island-Continent, and the first faint indications of knowledge that such a land existed. Mr. Major's work was published in 1859, at a time when the materials for such an enquiry were much smaller than at present.

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  • This book does not pretend to be a history of Australia; it merely gathers into one volume that which has hitherto been dispersed through many. Our story ends where Australian history, as it is generally written, begins; but the work of the forgotten naval pioneers of the country made that beginning possible. Four sea-captains in succession had charge of the penal settlement of New South Wales, and these four men, in laying the foundation of Australia, surmounted greater difficulties than have ever been encountered elsewhere in the history of British colonization.

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  • I have been asked to write a short Foreword to the History of the 28th Battalion. I do so with very great pleasure, for two reasons--Firstly, because I have known Colonel Collett for many years, and, secondly, because I approve of the History. The present volume is the first of several that will attempt to record the doings of those bodies of magnificent volunteers who went from Western Australia and of whose achievements the country is so justly proud.

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  • A complete history of the exploration of Australia will never be written. The story of the settlement of our continent is necessarily so intermixed with the results of private travels and adventures, that all the historian can do is to follow out the career of the public expeditions, and those of private origin which extended to such a distance, and embraced such important discoveries, as to render the results matters of national history.

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  • This is an unusual book, combining as it does papers on astrobiology, history of astronomy and sundials, but—after all—Woody Sullivan is an unusual man. In late 2003 I spent two fruitful and enjoyable months in the Astronomy Department at the University of Washington (UW) working on archival material accumulated over the decades by Woody, for a book we will co-author with Jessica Chapman on the early development of Australian astronomy.

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  • There is a vulgar view of politics which sinks them into a mere struggle of interests and parties, and there is a foppish kind of history which aims only at literary display, which produces delightful books hovering between poetry and prose. These perversions, according to me, come from an unnatural divorce between two subjects which belong to one another. Politics are vulgar when they are not liberalised by history, and history fades into mere literature when it loses sight of its relation to practical politics.' These very just remarks are made by Mr.

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  • In just eight years time, it is predicted that half of the world’s population will be on Australia’s northern doorstep. Four billion people across Asia, enjoying economic growth of around 10 percent per year, represent unparalleled opportunities for Australia’s economy, especially its dynamic farm sector. Expanding Asian societies need food and fi bre like never before and, due to their growing affl uence, are demanding produce of the highest quality: a domain where Australian farmers, because of our clean and natural production systems, have a clear competitive advantage.

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  • In 1995, Zoe Warwick committed suicide. A dedicated bodybuilder and former European champion, a career of abusing steroids had culminated in the disintegration of her once flawless body. The medications pumped into her to keep her alive could not prevent system after system from shutting down, and, unable to cope with the pain, she took her own life. In 1988, Ben Johnson was celebrated as the fastest human being to propel his body down a one hundred-metre track. He then became the most infamous drug cheat in the history of modern sport, testing positive to stanozolol.

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  • Ending the Affair examines the state of short form1 television current affairs in Australia today, questioning its future while drawing lessons from the past. The research project from which this book emerged was a history of television current affairs formats in Australia. Funded by the Australian Research Council, its original motivation was to understand the significance of the changes that had occurred in these television formats and their function, particularly since the network upheavals of the late 1980s....

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  • In view of the fact that the present paper will doubtless reach many readers who may not, in consequence of the limited edition, have seen the preliminary volume on mortuary customs, it seems expedient to reproduce in great part the prefatory remarks which served as an introduction to that work; for the reasons then urged, for the immediate study of this subject, still exist, and as time flies on become more and more important. The primitive manners and customs of the North American Indians are rapidly passing away under influences of civilization and other disturbing elements.

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  • The goals of this chapter are: To classify international monetary systems, to outline the history of exchange rate arrangements, to outline the pros and cons of fixed and flexible exchange rates, to examine the Australian exchange rate arrangements.

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