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  • Internetworking and Internet Protocols (Appendix 6A) IP Security Overview IP Security Architecture Authentication Header Encapsulating Security Payload Combinations of Security Associations Key Management

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  • Một số thuật ngữ về mạng : AAL: (ATM Adaptation Layer). Một phần của các giao thức chuẩn ATM. ABR:. Available Bit Rate, một tham số cho dịch vụ trong ATM mà không bảo đảm cho tốc độ. . Area Border Router, một quy ước trong OSPF cho một bộ định tuyến để thông tin liên lạc với vùng khác. ACK: Viết tắt của từ Acknowledgement ACK implosion: Để chỉ môt vấn đề mà có thể xảy ra với giao thức mutilcast đáng tin cậy, trong đó có nhiều ACK đi ngược trở về nguồn.

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  • Network Security: Chapter 8 - IP Security includes about IPSec, IPSec Uses, Benefits of IPSec, IP Security Architecture, IPSec Services, Security Associations, Authentication Header, Transport & Tunnel Modes, Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP),...

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  • Users, Registration, and Authentication } // password length if( strlen( $_POST['register_password'] ) registrationErrors[] = 'Your password is too short, it must be at least 6 characters'; $this-registrationErrorLabels['register_password_label'] = 'error'; $this-registrationErrorLabels['register_password_confirm_ label'] = 'error'; } Next, we have the e-mail address—we need to check it for header injection, and that the format of the e-mail address is correct. The first highlighted section of code shows the header injection check, and the second shows the format check.

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  • Developing an API $registry-getObject('template')-getPage()-addTag( 'siteurl', $registry-getSetting('siteurl') ); $registry-getObject('template')buildFromTemplates('header.tpl.php', 'main.tpl.php', 'footer.tpl.php'); $controllers = array(); $controllersSQL = "SELECT * FROM controllers WHERE active=1"; $registry-getObject('db')-executeQuery( $controllersSQL ); Next, we need to change the code that gets active controllers from the database. Previously, it set the $controller variable for temporary use.

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  • Our goal is to provide privacy and integrity to the data, to authenticate the sender, to prevent replay attacks and to prevent traffic analysis; consequently, the entire communication is encrypted (with one exception which will be explained). All communications consist of a preamble, header and payload. The format of all communications (sensor nodes and the base station) consist of a preamble, header and payload. The preamble is empty if the communication originates from the base station and is directed to a sensor, otherwise it contains the address of the sending node.

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  • Protect web content from those who don’t have a “need to know” Require users to authenticate using a userid/password before they are allowed access to certain URLs HTTP/1.1 requires that when a user makes a request for a protected resource the server responds with a authentication request header WWW-Authenticate contains enough pertinent information to carry out a “challenge-response” session between the user and the server

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