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  • We investigate authorship attribution using classifiers based on frame semantics. The purpose is to discover whether adding semantic information to lexical and syntactic methods for authorship attribution will improve them, specifically to address the difficult problem of authorship attribution of translated texts.

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  • Authorship attribution deals with identifying the authors of anonymous texts. Building on our earlier finding that the Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) topic model can be used to improve authorship attribution accuracy, we show that employing a previously-suggested Author-Topic (AT) model outperforms LDA when applied to scenarios with many authors.

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  • In this paper, we present a novel approach for authorship attribution, the task of identifying the author of a document, using probabilistic context-free grammars. Our approach involves building a probabilistic context-free grammar for each author and using this grammar as a language model for classification. We evaluate the performance of our method on a wide range of datasets to demonstrate its efficacy. (2008) use a combination of word-level statistics and part-of-speech counts or n-grams. ...

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  • This paper proposes the use of local histograms (LH) over character n-grams for authorship attribution (AA). LHs are enriched histogram representations that preserve sequential information in documents; they have been successfully used for text categorization and document visualization using word histograms. In this work we explore the suitability of LHs over n-grams at the character-level for AA. We show that LHs are particularly helpful for AA, because they provide useful information for uncovering, to some extent, the writing style of authors.

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  • In this paper we present an approach to automatic authorship attribution dealing with real-world (or unrestricted) text. Our method is based on the computational analysis of the input text using a text-processing tool. Besides the style markers relevant to the output of this tool we also use analysis-dependent style markers, that is, measures that represent the way in which the text has been processed. No word frequency counts, nor other lexically-based measures are taken into account.

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  • We present a method for computerassisted authorship attribution based on character-level n-gram language models. Our approach is based on simple information theoretic principles, and achieves improved performance across a variety of languages without requiring extensive pre-processing or feature selection.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về hóa học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học quốc tế đề tài : Trend towards multiple authorship in occupational medicine journals

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  • ‘Publish or perish’ is a well-established adage in academia. Never has the pressure on academics to publish been greater. Yet the prospect of writing a book can seem daunting, while the business of getting it published may be mystifying. Written by an expert in academic publishing, Writing Successful Academic Books provides a practical guide to both writing and getting published.

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  • Professor D. R. Laurence was either author or coauthor of this textbook from its 1st edition in 1960 to its 8th in 1997. This is a long life for any textbook. Its achievement bears testimony to a style of presentation that strives to be clear and readable, and to retain the reader's interest whilst imparting information about a subject that can be at times both complex and confusing.

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  • If you plan to take the Vascular Medicine Board Examination, this book is essential. Presenting the compiled knowledge of experts in the field and emphasizing topics covered on the exam, this concise text: facilitates review and retention of material with questions and answers for each chapter covers topics from multiple perspective through multidisciplinary authorship serves as a convenient quick reference with highlighted bullet points is endorsed by the Society for Vascular Medicine and Biology...

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  • Other peculiarities of the sites are that the systems are updated frequently, that advertising is not a source for funding and that the webmasters’ work is unsalaried. Privacy policy is implemented through different guarantees. Publication of personal information is dependent from a personal written agreement, for example, for the member list of AIG. The principles of the Health-On-the-Net-Foundation (HON) are implemented by both websites.

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  • This chapter contains a comprehensive listing of research papers, reviews, book chapters and theses covering the subject of pharmaceutical film coating. Coating is a very extensive subject and so this bibliography is restricted to those publications of direct pharmaceutical relevance or authorship. Nonpharmaceutical polymer science or coating processes of other industries are not included. While the listing is extensive, it is by no means exhaustive. Indeed, the author would welcome notification of any missing articles in order that this work can be included in the next edition.

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  • This book is based on a series of papers and other material that the author (occasionally in co-authorship with others – see Acknowledgements) has written during the last decade or more. Several of these papers were from the very outset intended to be integrated in this book, but no chapter is identical to any previously published material. Other chapters are new and exclusive to this book.

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  • Not long ago, in the nineties, no one doubted that a “digital revolution” was in the making—in architecture as in all aspects of life, science, and art. Today (early 2010) the very expression “digital revolution” has fallen into disuse, if not into disrepute; it sounds passé and archaic, at best the reminder of an age gone by. Yet digital technologies, now ubiquitous, have already significantly changed the way architecture is designed and made. They are changing how architecture is taught in schools, practiced, managed, even regulated.

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  • Statement of authorship ........................................................................................................ i Acknowledgements .............................................................................................................. ii Abstract -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iii Table of contents ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 CHAPTER ONE 1.1 1.2 1.

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  • Là một tiêu chí mới giúp bảo vệ nội dung tự sáng tạo của người dùng thông qua tài khoản trên Google+. Sau khi bạn xác minh quyền thì tất cả các nội dung có quyền tác giả và tất cả các bài viết của Website khác chưa nội dung coppy này sẽ được xếp hạng thấp hơn trên xếp hạng tìm kiếm Google.

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  • This volume contains three chapters written by distinguished scientists from Europe, South America, and Asia. When it comes to the chemistry and physics of carbon, as reflected by the authorship in this series since its inception 40 years ago, globalization (a popular term among today’s politicians and economists) has always been the rule rather than the exception or a recent trend. If anything, The New York Times editorial of May 7, 2004 is indeed correct in its conclusion that “the United States . . .

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  • Nietzsche’s story ends as our narration begins. Wheelchair-bound, intermittently lucid, he is, as before, tremulous and peremptory. Cavernous, his eyes retain a rheumy dignity. The void into which he so long gazed would now seem to gaze into him.

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  • Several things prompted the idea for this book in Autumn 2006. First, it was 15 years since the EU had started harmonising copyright law. If we include the Community courts case law, harmonisation – albeit indirect – dates back to 1971 with Deutsche Grammophon1 the first decision in the field of copyright which, in a groundbreaking way not only decided that copyright was within the competence of the Community but also that in the context of the free movement of goods and services, an end should be put to protectionism by creating the concept of European exhaustion.

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  • Priority is given to books and book series that have relatively greater citation impact. Book Citation Index now covers over 150 highly cited book series in Science, Social Science, and Arts & Humanities. Journal and proceedings citations to books in these series indicate that they are well-integrated into the scholarly communication network. The Book Citation Index uncovers another dimension of this network by opening citation pathways leading to and from publications in the wider world of books.

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