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  • We come across an era of strong and even more unusual individual claims, while the solution to often conflicting demands becomes increasingly elusive and parochial. One of the most intriguing philosophical questions is how to link human responsibility to those consequences of action which no one can fully foresee but, nevertheless, which no one can afford to neglect. Many biotechnological challenges are of this nature.

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  • The Hewlett-Packard Company CASE 2 Hitachi Corporation of Japan Introduction Cooperation and Autonomy within the Organization Distinctive Competence Organizational Structure Off-Line Coordinators Staffing Reward and Performance Measurement Systems Shared Values and Corporate Culture Achieving Strategic Alignment The Nature of Interrelationships Varying Emphasis on Cooperation Shifting the Balance between Cooperation and Autonomy Factors Promoting Closer Cooperation Change in Product Usage Technological Convergence The Rise of Multipoint Competition Reduced Emphasis on Acquisitions Increased...

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  • This paper outlines the development of the sociological study of medical autonomy and how recent reforms in medical regulation in the United Kingdom illustrate how medical elites are proactively introducing formal performance surveillance and appraisal mechanisms and processes within medical training as they respond to challenges to traditional professional self-regulatory privileges, such as greater state, inter-professional and non-medical involvement in the governance of medical expertise.

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  • Aim: Basing on the basis of theoretical and practical research, the author suggests solutions to implement the autonomy and social responsibility better in financial management of colleges in the Northwest.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Editorial Signal Processing Advances in Robots and Autonomy

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  • This study attempts to present what the authors have experienced and applied in fostering learner autonomy in Country Studies (namely British and American Studies) at Faculty of English, Hanoi National University of Education. Starting with some main definitions about learner autonomy and its conditions, and basing on authors’ own experience and belief, the authors discuss four main strategies used in teaching and learning Country Studies.

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  • This paper aims to propose a possible solution to a real-world curriculum problem of how to foster learner autonomy in an English academic writing class at College of Foreign Languages-Vietnam National University where a generally low level of learner autonomy is perceived. It begins by defining relevant terms and representing the problem. Thence, the rationale for the proposed solution and a plan for implementing it are discussed. The final section suggests a plan for evaluating the effectiveness of the problem-solving task. ...

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  • Territorial autonomy is an important constitutional phenomenon, but because the sub-state entities that can be identified as territorial autonomies are relatively small, the phenomenon is often overlooked in systematic presentations of constitutional law. This is not to say that treatises of national constitutional law would completely lack information about territorial autonomies, but the internal functioning of substate entities, in particular, is not known to a wider audience.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Critical Care giúp cho các bạn có thêm kiến thức về ngành y học đề tài: Psychiatrists' attitudes towards autonomy, best interests and compulsory treatment in anorexia nervosa: a questionnaire survey...

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  • This renovation process is currently facing many difficulties and challenges, the most critical of which concerns financial security in the context of a relatively weak economy.

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  • Nghiên cứu này cố gắng trình bày những gì các tác giả đã có kinh nghiệm và áp dụng trong việc thúc đẩy quyền tự chủ người học trong nghiên cứu Quốc gia (cụ thể là Anh và Mỹ) tại Khoa tiếng Anh, Đại học Quốc gia Hà Nội Giáo dục.

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  • Lý thuyết mạng hàng đợi và ứng dụng trong các hệ thống truyền tin. Rất nhiều khái niệm cơ bản của các lĩnh vực này, như Sự phức tạp (complexity), Tự tổ chức, Tự sản sinh, Chọn lọc (selection), Tự trị (autonomy), Kết nối (connection), và Sự thích nghi, được đề xướng và phát hiện ra bởi các điều khiển gia.

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  • 26 Mobile Robotic Systems 26.1 26.2 Introduction Fundamental Issues Definition of a Mobile Robot • Stanford Cart • Intelligent Vehicle for Lunar/Martian Robotic Missions • Mobile Robots — Nonholonomic Systems Nenad M. Kircanski University of Toronto 26.3 26.4 Dynamics of Mobile Robots Control of Mobile Robots 26.1 Introduction This subsection is devoted to modeling and control of mobile robotic systems. Because a mobile robot can be used for exploration of unknown environments due to its partial or complete autonomy is of fundamental importance.

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  • Forests are an integral part of global sustainable development. The World Bank estimates more than 1.6 billion people to be dependent on forests for their livelihoods with some 300 million living in them. The forest product industry is a source of economic growth and employment, with global forest products traded internationally is estimated at $327 billion. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that every year 130,000 km² of the world's forests are lost due to deforestation.

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  • First we look up on the economic dependency as a component of economic deprivation. The dependency status of a person identified as an indicator of freedom and autonomy of an individual that reflects on the ability to transform his capability to the wellbeing (Sen 1992). The studies of the wellbeing of the elderly gives that there is high degree of dependency in the old age for both economic and Physical (Omran 1982, World Bank 1994). In the developed world, it is protected by the intuitional and social care that one way curtails the incidence of the dependency (Heslop, A. and...

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  • Bài viết phân tích một số xu hướng nghiên cứu, kinh nghiệm quốc tế và trong nước về quản lí tài chính và tự chủ tài chính giáo dục đại học (GDĐH); tìm hiểu và phân tích cơ sở lí luận, quan điểm, chính sách của Nhà nước Việt Nam về tài chính cho GDĐH và tăng cường tự chủ tài chính trong tự chủ đại học.

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  • Integrating reproductive health, family planning and STI/HIV prevention and treatment services is critical for achieving universal access. Integration requires that health care workers can provide an appropriate comprehensive package of services under one roof, and refer patients to other services if required. Linking STI/HIV with SRH services improves access to HIV/STI services for women who might otherwise not visit them because of issues of stigma [1].

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  •   The relative distribution of market value across the sectors is shown in Figure 3. Six of the 23 products  and services ‐ Alternative Fuels (17.3%), Building Technologies (12.1%), Alternative Fuels for Vehicles  (11.8%), Wind (10.7%), Geothermal (8.7%) and Waste Water Treatment (7.4%) ‐ together account for  60% of total market value.

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  • (BQ) This book is an excelent tool when it comes to preparing for Advanced. It gives teachers the opportunity to explore the whole exam, ana, at the same time, gives the canditates autonomy to explore the "whys" and better understand the exam.

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  • This second edition of the Encyclopedia of Nursing Research (ENR), like the first, is a comprehensive, yet concise and authoritative guide to existing nursing research literature. It charts the course of nursing research since 1983 when the first edition of the Annual Review of Nursing Research (ARNR) was published. The original edition of ENR, published in 1998, grew from a long-standing commitment of the publisher, Dr. Ursula Springer, to the field of nursing, and my commitment to nurse scholars around the globe.

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