Backwards differentiation

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  • The mere thought of having to take a required calculus course is enough to make legions of students break out in a cold sweat. Others who have no intention of ever studying the subject have this notion that calculus is impossibly difficult unless you happen to be a direct descendant of Einstein. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can master calculus. It’s not nearly as tough as its mystique would lead you to think. Much of calculus is really just very advanced algebra, geometry, and trig. It builds upon and is a logical extension of those subjects.

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  • To introduce the ]orward-backward stochastic differential equations (FBS- DEs, for short), let us begin with some examples. Unless otherwise speci- fled, throughout the book, we let (~, •, {Ft)t_0, P) be a complete filtered probability space on which is defined a d-dimensional standard Brownian motion W(t), such that {5~t }t_0 is the natural filtration of W(t), augmented by...

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  • Chapter 13c - Java. Java is a mixed language containing both primitive data types, such as int, and objects. Java uses copy semantics for primitive data types and reference seman~ tics for objects. All methods must exist as part of some class and are virtual by default. Java (and its cousin, C#) benefit by not trying to remain totally backward compatible with C, unlike C++.

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