Barker hypothesis

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  • Because the field of nutrition is actively evolving and creating major new principles in the care of the pediatric patient, we have embarked on the third edition of this textbook. The editors continue to support the premise that a comprehensive text as a reference source in pediatric nutrition is essential for the proper care of infants and children. As medical care in the twenty-first century is predicated on prevention of disease, the discipline of pediatric nutrition becomes that much more important.

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  • The diagnoses in clinical medicine of a patient or group in the population as deviating from the medical definition of normal. In Foucault’s sociology the proposition is that concepts of normality are constructed by state and professional healing and helping occupations to facilitate the regulation of the population.

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  • It has been reported worldwide that health problems caused by environmental pollution disproportionately affect unborn babies and small children. It is also known that children go through some developmental phases that are highly sensitive to certain pollutants. When unborn and small children go through physical and mental development, different organs develop at different times, and as such, some organs are more sensitive than others to certain materials during certain developmental phases.

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