Barrier islands

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  • smartpower also learned from over seven years of message research in the area of renew- able energy and energy efficiency that the “environmental” message is not the answer to motivate consumers to purchase renewable energy technologies. Consumers already under- stand the environmental benefits of solar power, but those benefits have not been persua- sive enough to broaden market adoption.

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  • Destinations are amalgams of tourism products, offering an integrated experience to consumers. Traditionally, destinations are regarded as well-defined geographical areas, such as a country, an island or a town. However, it is increasingly recognised that a destination can also a perceptual concept, which can be interpreted subjectively by consumers, depending on their travel itinerary, cultural background, purpose of visit, educational level and past experience.

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  • Great Barrier Reef (GBR; Hình 1) mở rộng khoảng 2.600 km dọc theo bờ biển phía đông của Australia, từ phía bắc của Fraser Island ở phía nam (25 ° S) bờ biển Papua New Guinea ở phía Bắc (9,2 ° S). Nó không phải là một rào cản liên tục. Thay vào đó nó là một ma trận của hơn 2.800 rạn san hô cá nhân (hoạt hình 1) khác nhau, kích thước từ 100 0,01 km2. Reefal vùng nước liên hình thành kênh bao quanh các rạn san hô, và các kênh có thể được vài trăm mét đến hàng chục km rộng....

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  • After being informed about the annual outbreak and findings from the literature review, focus groups discussed two questions: “How do you think the bacteria are being transmitted to the small babies?” and “What could we do to prevent this transmission?” The women in the focus groups identified hygiene breaks, either during refrigeration or during the long hours of cleaning the chitterlings, as the likely method of transmission to children. Both interventions were evaluated in home cleaning and cooking trials, and in laboratory studies.

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  • As of June 2002, astronomers had discovered more than 100 other planets orbiting distant suns. With advances in tech- nology, that number will surely increase during the opening decades of the twenty-first century. Although our explorations of the Cosmos hold great promise of future discoveries, among all of the known worlds, Earth remains unique. Thus far it is the only known planet with blue skies, warm seas, and life.

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  • § 2 PATHOLOGIES AND BARRIERS Between 1978 and 1984 the Asian Development Bank spent $24 million to improve agriculture on the island of Bali. The target for improvement was an ancient agricultural system organized around 173 village cooperatives linked by a network of temples operated.

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  • The study of how biodiversity is spread around the world is known as bio- geography. Mite harvestmen illustrate one of the most common patterns in bio- geography, called vicariance: species become separated from each other when geographical barriers emerge. Those barriers can be formed by oceans, as in the case of the mite harvestmen; they can also be separated by rising mountains, spreading deserts, and shifting rivers. The other major pattern in biogeography, known as dispersal, occurs when species themselves spread away from their place of origin.

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