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  • Principles of marketing: Chapter 3 - Strategic and Marketing Planning presents The Marketing Mix, The Boston Consulting Group Matrix, The BCG Matrix, Product/Market Expansion Grid, Components of the Marketing Plan.

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  • Ma trận BCG còn được gọi là ma trận DPM (Directional Policy Matrix). Ma trận BCG xem xét hai yếu tố đó là sự tăng trưởng của thị trường và thị phần của doanh nghiệp trong thị trường tương ứng.

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  • magine that you're reviewing your organization's products. You need to decide which ones you should focus investment on. One of the products is doing well financially. However, demand has fallen, and this trend looks set to continue. Another product is also doing well, but it's in a new market, and needs a lot of cash to support it. Should you continue investing in it? And another product is barely profitable, although its market is growing. Should you kill it or keep it?

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  • The purpose of this book is fairly simple, to introduce and reflect on some of the key writers, ideas, models and approaches in strategic management. Chapter one is brief overview of how strategy got here. Whittington’s work is used to give an overview of different views (or even philosophies) of strategy positioned for us in a framework. We use Whittington’s (2001) model of strategy as our base model. Whittington’s classical, evolutionary, processual and systemic strategy offers us a reference point as well as the underpinning for different ways of dealing with strategy....

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  • Grand strategy matrix is a last matrix of matching strategy formulation framework. It same as important as BCG, IE and other matrices. This chapter enables you to understand the preparation of GS matrix.

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