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  • “New systems generate new problems.” —Murphy’s Technological Laws #17 0.1 An Important Event On October 19, 1998, the Executive Council of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) approved a document titled “The Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice”. A few months later, the Board of Governors of the Computer Society of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE-CS) did the same.

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  • I began my journey in the coaching profession in 1989, when I took a course offered by Thomas Leonard and became certified as a life planner. Over the next five years, I wrote a book, led workshops, and spoke to groups all over the country. During that time, Thomas started Coach U (along with being my own personal coach). I was using my coaching skills at every opportunity, and in 1994 I enrolled in Coach U and became a full-time coach. At that time, most people had no idea what coaching was or how it worked. With the support of my coach, I was coaching 80...

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  • One debate I have been hearing for years, in the audit profession, is the issue of auditor independence. As a public accountant and CPA I was well aware of the need for independence. When I became a CAE, I studied the IIA Standards and the audit indepen- dence issue. However, the popular theory that, as IA, we could not design controls improvement, sent me into many healthy debates with my contemporary CAEs, directors, and managers. I was told if we ‘‘designed controls’’ we could not independently audit them. With this I disagreed in general.

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