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  • The Science of Animal Agriculture is directed toward teaching the basic science concepts involved in the production of agricultural animals. This newly revised edition contains the latest up-to-date information regarding the scientifi c aspect of the agricultural industry. All facets of modern agriculture are based on science. From the most rudimentary cultural practices to the most complicated biotechnology techniques, scientifi c research has produced the phenomenon known as American agriculture....

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  • AusAID has conducted projects assessing beef cattle development in Nghe An and also lay the basis for the expansion of developing this industry. February 2007, many dual conversations and workshops with her ​​many children farmers have been organized to assess the difficulties and obstacles in the development beef cattle development in the region. These problems exist primarily summarized as follows: -

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  • There is a need to improve current practices in Asia with regard to selection of cattle for breeding purposes, for both dairy and beef production. For many years, most of the countries in the region have been importing cows, bulls, and semen, largely from the temperate regions of the world, and using them to ‘upgrade’ the genetics of their existing herds of indigenous cattle for producing ability. However, and based on current evaluation of production levels and the productivity of cattle and buffalo, some doubts exist regarding the need and wisdom to continue this practice.

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  • The Ethiopian Boran breed is one of the cattle breeds widely used in Ethiopia. The breed is well adapted to semi-arid tropical conditions, has a high degree of heat tolerance, is tolerant to many of the diseases prevailing in the tropics and has the ability to survive long periods of feed and water shortage (Ojango et al. 2006). These properties have genetic basis and have been acquired by natural and human selection over generations. They are all essential for successful animal production in the tropics.

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