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  • Choosing a major can be scary. It’s not a simple either/or decision, like choosing a car with either stick shift or automatic. It means a commitment of several years and, in most cases, a great amount of money. Although it’s a personal decision, your friends and relatives will probably feel free to second-guess it. How can you sort out all of the possible choices and pick one that’s right for you? Th is book can help.

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  • The vast majority of work on word senses has relied on predefined sense inventories and an annotation schema where each word instance is tagged with the best fitting sense. This paper examines the case for a graded notion of word meaning in two experiments, one which uses WordNet senses in a graded fashion, contrasted with the “winner takes all” annotation, and one which asks annotators to judge the similarity of two usages.

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  • Balanced and coordinated advances within these research areas will pave the way to meeting the 2020 vision target of a fivefold increase in renewable resource use. Figures 11A to 11D detail goals for these priority research areas. Cost of materials surfaced many times as a major issue during the steering group’s investigations. Lowering unit costs is critical for sustainable economic growth.

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  • Early breast cancer is subdivided into two major categories, in situ disease, mainly in the form of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), and invasive cancer. Both are heterogeneous processes with very variable appearances, biology and clinical behaviour. Over recent years there have been important developments in the investigation and management of breast cancer including new types of chemotherapy, and biological and hormonal agents. There is some evidence of practice variation across the country and of inconsistent availability of certain treatments and procedures.

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  • The aim is to strengthen clinical research in Europe in a number of areas with unmet medical needs. Specific actions under clinical trials listed in this work programme (especially under investigator-driven clinical trials) will have a major European added value into translating research to clinical practice. The objective is increasing therapeutic options for patients, stimulating the implementation of best practice in all Member States (MS) and in establishing the basis for a coherent programme addressing the issue of personalized medicine and improved therapeutic outcomes.

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