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  • No matter what website you use, there will be an unusually large number of scholarships that aren’t good matches. After reading the eligibility requirements, you will discover that only a small handful are worth your time to apply. You’ve just discovered the first major weakness of every scholarship website: your life (background, experiences, goals, talents, awards, interests and accomplishments) cannot be defined or summarized by a computer-generated questionnaire.

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  • ADOCTRINE OF PRINCIPLES, that is, a systematic exposition of the most essential legal norms of the European legal order, offers a fine method to develop European constitutional scholarship. In fact, this discipline still has to define its subject and to establish itself as a part of legal science.1 Just as European law2 and then European Community law3 have become sub-disciplines, a further step in this differentiation is unfolding, irrespective of the fortunes of the Constitutional Treaty: the development of European constitutional law scholarship.

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  • Assignment 3 due Tuesday, 4/21 • Friday session is a special, super-mega office hour ■ featuring Troy and Paul • To sign up for ■ https:/ • AT&T Big Mobile On Campus Challenge ■ $10,000 scholarship for best applications ■

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  • At the Sixth Southern Conference on Women’s History in Athens, Georgia, in June 2003, the depth and breadth of the research presented was impressive. 1 As we assembled the very best of the expanded conference papers, representing the cutting edge of scholarship on southern women’s history, we were inspired by a story from the front lines rather than the archives, a contemporary drama of African American labor union women creating and confronting change in the Mississippi Delta.

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