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  • Th is book can help you think about your personality in terms that have proven relevance to the world of work. You’ll learn about the personality types that many psychologists and career development practitioners use to describe people and jobs. You’ll take a quick assessment to help you clarify your dominant personality type. Th en you’ll dig into a gold mine of facts about the jobs that are the best fi t for your personality type—and that are the best for other reasons, too, such as their wages and job openings.

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  • Whether you work for a corporation, a nonprofit organization, or for the government, chances are you’ve considered getting — or have already obtained — a Masters of Business Administration degree, an MBA. Why? Because if you want to get ahead in your organization — or just to do a better job of managing or leading — obtaining an MBA is the best ticket in town. Studies show that MBA graduates — particularly those from the top business schools — are offered significantly higher starting salaries than their counterparts who don’t have MBAs.

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  • Micro, small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) make important contributions to economic and social development. In all economies they constitute the vast majority of business establishments, are usually responsible for the majority of jobs created and account for one third to two thirds of the turnover of the private sector. In many countries they have been the major engine of growth in employment and output over the last two decades. In developing countries they are seen as a major ‘self-help’ instrument for poverty eradication.

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  • Planning and managing the implementation of policy requires additional skills and experience beyond the subject matter of the policy area concerned (e.g. social inclusion). It requires leadership and management expertise in such things as best practice program and project management methods, resource planning (financial and non-financial) and risk management. Obtaining such skills involves a combination of formal learning, coaching and on the job experience. The APS Policy Implementation Network, agency Centres of Excellence and APS Custodians of Best Practice (e.g.

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