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  • This Report addresses in considerable detail the consequences of hot particles on and near the skin, in the eye, ear, respiratory system, and gastrointestinal tract. Limits for exposures from hot particles are recommended. If exposures are maintained below the recommended limits, few, if any, deterministic biological effects are expected to be observed, and those effects would be transient in nature. If effects from a hot-particle exposure are observed, the result is an easily treated medical condition involving an extraordinarily small stochastic risk.

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  • We will assist you in managing the financial affairs of your property by providing monthly financial statements. These statements will show how your current month’s income and expenses compare to your annual budget. This information will allow you to monitor expenditures to ensure that your budget plan is followed. It will also provide you with warning signals if certain expenses are being incurred faster than anticipated and have a potential of exceeding what was budgeted.

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  • Forecasting credit portfolio risk poses a challenge for the banking industry. One important goal of modern credit portfolio models is the forecast of the future credit risk given the information which is available at the point of time the forecast is made. Thus, the discussion paper “Forecasting Credit Portfolio Risk“ proposes a dynamic concept for the forecast of the risk parameters default probabilities and default correlations.

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  • Since all of these flavors are present in beer, it is important that beer judges completely coat the inside of their mouths with beer when evaluating it and that the beer be swallowed. As is true for the scent receptors in the nose, different people have different densities of taste buds and, thus, have different sensitivities to various flavors. Also, taste buds can be damaged (e.g., being burnt by hot food or through exposure to irritants like spicy foods, smoking, or other chemicals), so a judge’s sensitivity may be diminished until tastebuds can regenerate (about 10 days).

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  • It is important to note, however, that no matter how or if they change, UN agencies and other global entities can only be as useful as individual governments allow them to be. The agencies serve the governments, which have ultimate responsibility for overseeing service provision for their citizens. Global partners can and should offer extensive support to governments that show a clear interest in developing realistic policies and programmes to reduce vertical transmission.

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  • Legend has it that the first diamonds were found in India 8,000 years ago along the Penner, Krishna and Godavari rivers. Prized for their physical qualities, diamonds were used to decorate religious icons and as engraving and polishing tools. From early on, they were associated with wealth, status and well-being. Historians believe the international diamond trade began about 1,000 years ago when traders began transporting rough stones from India across Arabia. The stones were cut and polished before being sold on the European continent to royalty and aristocrats.

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  • While the consumption of prestige or status products involves purchasing a higher-priced product to embellish one‘s ego (Eastman et al. 1997), the term ―luxury‖ and the consumption of luxury goods involves purchasing a product that represents value to both, to the individual and their reference group. Therefore, in addition to the socially oriented luxury brand consumption and the human desire ‗to impress others‘, a personally oriented type of consumption should be considered in the marketing management of luxury brands.

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  • Making more money means you need to become money motivated. You need to love the money, and all the things it can buy. In fact, you should be working to buy things, not just to pay bills. If you’re working to pay bills, you’re basically working to survive. I don’t want you to just survive. I know that money won’t buy happiness, but believe me, money will buy you a lot of things that will make you happy. Ask yourself this question: Is there something that you want right now that you can’t have because you don’t make enough...

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  • It is common practice to recommend nutritional supplementation, such as multi-vitamins and iron, following bariatric surgery for all patients. However, evidence is scarce regarding specific recommendations for pregnant women. We did not identify any randomized studies assessing this question of efficacy of management strategies. Studies evaluating pregnancy following laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding or gastric bypass have shown minimal nutritional adverse events; however, most of these studies monitored and ensured that the women complied with vitamin supplementation.

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  • Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) is one of the most significant swine diseases worldwide. Despite its relevance, serum biomarkers associated with early-onset viral infection, when clinical signs are not detectable and the disease is characterized by a weak anti-viral response and persistent infection, have not yet been identified. Surface-enhanced laser desorption ionization time of flight mass spectrometry (SELDI-TOF MS) is a reproducible, accurate, and simple method for the identification of biomarker proteins related to disease in serum.

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  • A popular approach to measuring the interest-rate risk exposure of a bank is to run regressions of the bank’s stock return on a risk factor, such as an interest rate. The regression coefficient on the interest rate — often referred to as the interest-rate beta, is a measure of the bank’s average exposure to interest rate changes over the sample period considered (Flannery and James 1984a). Interest rate betas do not tell us where the bank’s exposure comes from, that is, what positions generate it.

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  • The data on profitability start with an important finding: earning profits does not imply being a “for-profit” bank. Most microfinance institutions in our sample that have total revenues exceeding total costs in fact have “non-profit” status. They are earning profits in an accounting sense, but as non-profits they cannot distribute those profits to investors.

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  • We believe Congress should adopt a menu of voluntary incentives to encourage private companies to improve cybersecurity. Some incentives may have a cost and would have to be offset. Others do not. However, incentives should be largely voluntary, recognizing that most critical infrastructures are privately owned. Many of these incentives could also be utilized by companies that do not own critical infrastructures. We also have to recognize that different companies and sectors will need different incentives – one size does not fit all.

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  • Most discussion on interest spreads in Jamaica is based on the difference between the average loan rate and the average rate on time deposits as published by BOJ. For many years, the rate payable on savings deposits was controlled and was adjusted periodically to ensure a real interest return for small savers. Rates on time deposits varied according to market conditions and hence represented a more accurate measure of commercial bank pricing policy. For this reason, the spread published by BOJ over a long period has been the difference between the average loan rate and the...

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  • As part of its mandate, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) monitors market developments and advises on their implications for regulatory policy1 . In doing so, it seeks to identify potential vulnerabilities and the actions that may be needed to address them. The recent rapid growth and innovation in the market for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is a development that the FSB believes warrants increased attention by regulatory and supervisory authorities, as well as by the ETF industry, including providers, market-makers and investors.

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  • The increased academic and nonacademic effort in modeling and understanding hedge fund return sources has finally reachedWall Street. A new buzzword is out and has quickly captured the imagination of product providers and investors alike: ‘hedge fund replication’. In the broadest sense, replicating hedge fund strategies means replicating their return sources and corresponding risk exposures. However, there is still no coherent picture of what hedge fund replication means in practice, what its premises are, how to distinguish different approaches, and where this can lead us to.

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  • Copper fungicides are environmentally unfriendly. They are very toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates, such as crab, shrimp and oysters. There are cases where most animal life in soil, including large earthworms, have been eliminated by the extensive use of copper-containing fungicides in orchards. It is strongly bioaccumulated and is very persistent. Once a soil is contaminated with copper, there is no practical way to remove it. The organic insecticide rotenone has been found to be toxic to pigs, rats and dogs and is is very toxic to fish. It causes skin and eye irritations.

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  • Prolonged exposure of pancreatic beta cells to the sulfonylureas glibenca-mide and tolbutamide induces subsequent desensitization to the actions of these drugs. The precise mechanisms underlying this desensitization remain unknown, prompting the present study, which investigated the impact of prolonged sulfonylurea exposure on glucose and energy metabolism using clonal pancreatic BRIN-BD11 beta cells.

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  • DreamWorks Animation creates family entertainment, including animated feature films, television specials and series, live entertainment properties and related consumer products, meant for audiences around the world. We have released a total of 23 animated feature films of which Shrek the Third, Shrek 2 and Madagascar were the highest-grossing animated films in the domestic box office in their respective years of release, and Shrek 2 remains the fifth-highest grossing film of all time in the domestic box office.

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