Beyond healing

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  • In ancient times most of the population of China consisted of peasants. The people would work in the fields all day until sunset, and then return to their homes to rest. Some would gather together and listen to the stories of their elders, while others would go and enjoy the cool night air after the heat of the day. Since the people enjoyed the refreshing nights more than the stifling days, they preferred the moon to the sun; that is why the Chinese calendar follows the moon -it is a lunar calendar, as opposed to the West's solar calendar....

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  • Murderers confessed, and broken marriages were restored. Marked by the transformation of lives and relationships, this awakening spread like a quiet tide through Germany and beyond, despite the efforts of a cynical press and Johann Blumhardt’s nervous ecclesiastical superiors. Christoph Blumhardt’s essay, Jesus is the Victor, is rooted in this experience. He refers to it in several places, and it is obviously pivotal to his thinking.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "The difficult hair loss patient - Guide to successful management of alopecia and related conditions" presents the following contents: Psychopathological disorders, tackling adverse effects, patient noncompliance, optimizing therapy beyond evidence-based medicine, exemplary case studies of successful treatments, epilogue-faith healing,...

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